From Iceland — Johanna Persson's Favourite Live Photos Of Eistnaflug 2015

Johanna Persson’s Favourite Live Photos Of Eistnaflug 2015

Published July 14, 2015

Johanna Persson’s Favourite Live Photos Of Eistnaflug 2015
Gabríel Benjamin
Photo by
Johanna Persson

Iceland’s annual metal music fest, Eistnaflug, may be done and over with, but we at the Grapevine are neither done nor over it. Grapevine photographer Johanna Persson was busy snapping away through the whole festival, and she sent us an assortment of her favourite shots, along with some notes on each.

Muck at Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Muck – There is something about how grungy guitarist Indriði looks that I found to be really cool.

Brain Police at Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Brain Police ‐ singer Jens spent a lot of time making eye contact with audience members which at times, frankly, looked insane.

Úlfsmessa at Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Úlfmessa II – This was by far my favourite show of the festival, but at the same time it was incredibly diffcult to photograph. I was very happy about how good this photo turned out in black and white.

Auðn at Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Auðn -­ One of the very first bands to play at the festival and I wish they would have gotten a later slot so more people had seen them.

FM Belfast at Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
FM Belfast -­ Because this band is anything but metal I decided to not take any photos of them, but as the last song came on I couldn’t resist. They are so colourful and happy!

Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Outside Scene -­ This photo captured a very Eistnaflugian moment: it either very early or very late, people are outside, drinking beer and rolling cigarettes, they have corpse paint and are wearing icelandic sweaters, and you can see the mountains in the distance.

The Vintage Caravan at Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Vintage Caravan -­ This band showed up in full drag and I love how you can see bassist Alexander wearing lipstick and tights—and you can see his leg hairs very visibly.

Sinmara at Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Sinmara -­ I hadn’t seen this band before, but I loved how dirty they looked.

Behemoth at Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Behemoth -­ It was hard to get a picture of this band as they didn’t allow photographers in the pit. But that was maybe not a bad thing since then I would have been sprayed with spit and fake blood.

Kælan Mikla at Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Kælan Mikla –­ I loved Kælan Mikla. I think they were super cool and had a great show at the off (off) venue. I was sad however to see that they were one of only a few bands with female members in it at Eistnaflug.

Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Off (off,off) Venue -­ The festival has been through a lot of changes and is growing, but there is still plenty of attitude to go around, as could be seen with this pop-up garage concert.

Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Crowd –­ The venue might be new, but the crowd is still the same old crazy one.

Road Trip to Eistnaflug by Johanna Persson
Roadtrip –­ An important part of going to Eistnaflug is the road trip around the country, it may be long but it is always so much fun!

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