From Iceland — Straumur’s Best Of 2014!

Straumur’s Best Of 2014!

Published January 30, 2015

Straumur’s Best Of 2014!
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We at Straumur wish all you readers a happy new year, and hope 2015 will be a blast for all of us. But, before we dive head-on into the New Year, it’s time to reflect on what just happened. Behold, our absolute favourite Icelandic albums and songs from last year:

Best albums

10: Asonat ‘Connection´

9: GusGus Mexico

8: Ben Frost ‘A U R O R A’

7: FM Belfast ‘Brighter Days

6: BörnBörn

oyama5: OyamaCoolboy

Oyama’s ‘Coolboy’ is packed full of dreamy shoegaze, wrapped in a combination of sounds that form a tight union.

4: GrísalapplísaRökrétt framhald

Grísalapplísa’s sophomore effort, ‘Rökrétt framhald’ (which roughly translates as “A Logical Next Step”),grisalappalisais not as logical a step forward as the title suggests. In contrast to the band’s début, this record is all over the place—while ‘ALI’ was much more of a concept album, ‘Rökrétt framhald’ features a tight selection of songs that work better on their own.

3: Óbó ‘Innhverfi

oboWith ‘Innhverfi’, Icelandic music mainstay (and frequent Sigur Rós keyboardist) Ólafur Björn Ólafsson, Óbó, has made a wonderfully alluring album. Free from the clichés that are often associated with the kind of music Óbó plays, ‘Innhverfi’ was one of 2014 most pleasant surprises.

2: Pink Street BoysTrash From The Boys

PINK STREET BOYS‘Trash From The Boys’ is one of the most exhilarating rock albums unleashed upon Iceland in recent memory. Released on cassette via Lady Boy Records last fall, the album viciously attacks all senses at once, tantamount to a blow to the face.

1: M-BandHaust

Hörður Már Bjarnason’s first LP as M-Band, ‘Haust’, is a dark soulful techno recordmbandhaustthat sometimes recalls GusGus at their best, with a little bit of Jon Hopkins thrown into the mix for good measure. The highlight of the album is the splendid “Ever Ending Never”, with haunting vocals build around a repetitive, bouncing synth line.

Best songs

10: Boogie TroubleSteinunn


8: MyndraDistant Lover

7: Pink Street BoysEvel Knievel

6: FM BelfastThe End

M-Band-promo-pic5: M-Band “Ever Ending Never”

Like GusGus, Jon Hopkins and Caribou on a massive bender in Berlin. A long night, but you wish it would never end.

4: Grísalappalísa

grisalappalisaGrísalappalísa diversified their sound on their second album, as heard on “Flýja” (“Escape”), a dark ballad that’s equal parts Lou Reed, Serge Gainsbourg and Bob Dylan. The string arrangement’s exceptional, too.

3: GusGusCrossfade

Full of nostalgic references to the origins of dance music, which double as sexual innuendos. Högni’s bright baritone in the chorus serves as the perfect tonic for Daníel Ágúst’s dark verses that are drenched in reverb.

2: GANGLYFuck With Someone Else

Iceland’s answer to FKA Twigs. Brooding and futuristic triphop featuring a trio of mysteriously unknown voices that are scrambled and bent like radio signals from a faraway galaxy.

1: Prins PólóParís Norðursins

There was no question about it. The dirty synth bass throbs, kick drum on every beat and funny lyrics analyzing the main players in an archetypical Icelandic fishing village, push “París Norðursins” over the top. Concise, witty and an arrow through the heart of a nation.

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