From Iceland — Who Are GANGLY And Why Are They So Great?

Who Are GANGLY And Why Are They So Great?

Published December 5, 2014

Mysterious new band alert!

Who Are GANGLY And Why Are They So Great?
Haukur S. Magnússon
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Mysterious Filmmaker Person

Mysterious new band alert!

Earlier today, long-time Grapevine contributors Straumur premiered a song/music video by a new, apparently “local” band that calls itself GANGLY. Now, this in itself wouldn’t be that interesting (lord knows there are plenty of bands out there making songs and videos), except for the fact that both song and video are fucking S T U N N I N G ! Here, see and hear for yourself

Right? Right? Let’s hear it again:

OMG so great! And that video? How could you make that video and not want to tell everyone about it? WEIRD.

So who are GANGLY and how can we give them all our money? Straumur founder/editor Óli Dóri claims he had no idea. “We just got an email with the YouTube link from, like, the band’s Gmail,” said Óli Dóri in a phone call earlier today. “They just asked very succinctly whether we wanted to premiere this on our site, they didn’t sign their name or anything,” he continued, noting that subsequent attempts to reach the band have been futile. “I don’t even care who it is, to be honest. I just really like it – it’s a very strong contender for ‘song of the year’ as far as I’m concerned,” he added in closing.

While you cannot follow GANGLY around IRL to tell them how great they are and buy them drinks and stuff, you can most certainly follow the band on SoundCloudFacebook and YouTube (what, no Ello?) . Maybe they’ll post more songs at some point? We sure do hope so.

What a nice surprise! Thank you, Straumur! Thank you, GANGLY!

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