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Birds Of A Feather

Published February 7, 2012

Birds Of A Feather
Rex Beckett

In most cases when a musician finds another artist operating under the same name, they take the cue to come up with an alter ego (see: David Bowie). But it can also lead to fortuitous pairings and serendipitous encounters, as is the case with musicians Margrét Kristín Sigurðadóttir (Magga Stína, also known as Fabúla), and Margrét Kristín Blöndal (aka Magga Stína). In addition to sharing the same name, they grew up in the same neighbourhood and went to the same music schools, but somehow never properly met until last year.
The pair will be doing us the great honour of performing together at the next installment of The Birdcage concert series, hosted by FTT with collaborators Rás 2 and Yours Truly. We got in touch with Fabúla to get the skinny.
So how did you two meet and come to collaborate?
A 200-year old composer brought us together last year. We attended the same “classical composition” course at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and were assigned to do a lecture on Beethoven together. So after a passionate study of our beloved composer, and a lot of laughs after sleepless nights, we got to know each other pretty well!
Have you ever taken part in a collaboration like this one before? What drew you to the experience?
Never exactly like this, when someone else decides to put different songwriters together on a stage. This Birdcage idea is fun, putting together people with different styles or at different ages that have never played together before and seeing what comes out of it.
What can we look forward to about your performance?
We will do our own stuff and perform each other’s songs as well. That is the really fun part. We will also do a song or two together.
What are you looking forward to the most?
I’m hoping for an evening of unpredictable moments. We have to throw ourselves off the cliff and take the audience with us. Don’t worry about the landing; it’s the flight that matters.
Do you hope to play more together after the show?
Well this will start as a one-night stand, but you never know.

The Birdcage series
When: February 7, 21:00
Where: Café Rósenberg
How much: 1500 ISK

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