From Iceland — The settlement of Geir

The settlement of Geir

Published July 23, 2004

The settlement of Geir

Iceland has a lot to offer in matters of music and the way the industry works today, many musicians are trying to keep up with new and fresh sounds. But some still stay in touch with the good old vibe. Geir Harðarson, an Icelandic troubadour, carpenter and fisherman, has managed to bring almost a little bit of everything into one album, which is recorded in mono instead of stereo. Asked why, he says it simply lasts better. His album is called Landnám, which translates to English as Settlement. He describes it as very national and fitting for the whole year. It pays tribute to Icelandic folk music, blues and rock songs with lyrics about being Icelandic and amusing thoughts about his own life. The lyrics, his unique voice and the instrumental accompaniment put together a solid album with inspiration from Iceland to India. It is recorded in a studio called Stúkuhúsið, an old venue for teetotallers, and is located in Akranes, a town not so far from Reykjavík. The old house gives the album a soulful, fresh, but still classic sound.
The songs are written over a long period of time which adds variety to the album. Geir has been into music most of his life although Landnám is his first album. A few months ago he hit the road around Iceland with Hera, a well known Icelandic female vocalist and musician. The album will be released in the beginning of August but at least one of it´s songs, Aha, is now played regularly on some of the radio stations. The release will be followed with a publishing concert shortly after in a yet unknown location but interested readers should keep up to date with Grapevine´s concert listings.
In my own opinion the album is unique, amusing and beautiful and fits for all kinds of weather, which is important to me as a native Icelander. As described by Geir himself, I think it belongs everywhere.

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