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Sour Grapes and stuff

Published September 14, 2010

Sour Grapes and stuff

Hey Guys,
I’m new to the city and I’m searching for a bar with a good foosball table. My research gave me Bakkus, but the table is not so good. So, do you know any other places where a table soccer is? I’ve asked someone today, but I can’t remember the name of the place. It would be great if you have time to answer such a special question.
btw: You’re doing a great job!
Bye, Johannes
Sure Johannes, there is an excellent fooβball table at the very excellent and uβer friendly Hemmi og Valdi on Laugavegur 21. Happy playing. Ed.
Hi Guys,
Congrats for your newspaper, more and more popular. I have an
interesting subject for you guys, which kinda chock me. Well more that
usual, with those special Icelandic rules.
The other day, I went to the Blood bank (Blóðbankinn) with the intention
of offering my blood… I was received with a smile and informed that
in order to get my blood if I need to read and understand Icelandic.
I have some basic Icelandic. since I’ve been living in Iceland some time
now, but as soon I heard that I really didn’t made an effort and pushed
it further to understand the reasons of this…They explain to me, that
people must be able to understand the papers given to you. Being used
to other volunteer jobs in France and other countries in Europe, I
pushed further…They explained to me, offering me coffee, that this is
law also exist in Norway. But it seems nobody knows about it, even
Icelanders…They added in the end, that if I will live time enough and
take Icelandic courses I could come back. I didn’t went in details about
how long I live here or what nationality I was…And the blood offering
has no costs for the donor, they said proudly 🙂 Really? Probably they
are thinking charging people to give up their blood in the future?
Silly…Keep up the good work and hopping you could write some
controversial stuff about blood in Iceland 😉 Rgds,
Well… I am not really acquainted with the inner workings of the
Blóðbankinn, but this sounds rather xenophobic. But let me assure you
that you are not the only one being ostracized, since the blood bank
also turns down willing donations from homosexuals, recently tattooed
people, prisoners, and people who have recently returned from … well,
any third world country really. That leaves the pool of potential blood
donors rather thing, actually, and as a reason, the bloodbank regularly
runs out of blood, much like the Icelandic banks have run out of cash …
but that is another story entirely.Ed.

I am Mr. Paul Brown, Public Relations Officer(P.R.O) of KCN Deutan
Drilling,United Kingdom. I want to book dinner for our group of workers.
They will all come for dinner in your place as from OCTOBER 26th,27th
and 28th, 2010 by 7:30pm each day. They are 15 in number **NOTE THAT IT
WILL BE THE SAME 15 GUESTS EACH NIGHT. We will appreciate if you prepare
a 3 course menu for my group for the dinner.No special dietary.Also
your suggestion will be appreciated since this is our first dinner in
your restaurant. Kindly provide the total cost of the dinner for the 15
persons for the 3 night dinner so as to provide my credit card details
for full payment confirmation if there is availability in your
Your Swift response will be appreciated. Regards,
Paul Brown
There seems to be some confusion regarding our role, but after
consulting with our publisher, I feel safe in suggesting a three-course
menu consisting of instant noodles, ham and cheese sandwich, and small
bag of chips. Welcome to Grapevine’s. Ed.

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