From Iceland — Letters from 18th Issue

Letters from 18th Issue

Published December 14, 2009

Letters from 18th Issue


Dear Grapevine,

I am not much of a reader but I am in Borgarnes, iceland for the next six months on a basketball contract from Canada and since most of the stuff here is in Icelandic I didn’t have to read that much but with so much free time on hand and surfing the web and using Google translate this past month I came across your news paper at the restaurant and thought to my self hmmm this is in English so as I read a page on night life in REYKJAVIK AND BEST PLACES TO HOOK UP AND WHERE THE GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE GO OR WHERE THE CHEAP DRINKS BARS OR FOREIGN BARS ARE I WAS LIKE THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED. and the way you write the paper and so simplified to our new way of speaking the language called English( esp the F word) i was excited. so now i pick your paper up every time its out and this one is my second one and then I cam across a story about this African Guy named momo dealing with immigration.

I mean i feel for the guy and hope that he renews his work permit and continues to work here in Iceland. I mean I am originally from Africa and now a Canadian citizen maybe like he said it would easier for me but I am pretty sure there are tons of immigrates from different places here in Iceland and i don’t think one group would be isolated like that unless they are not following the rules. I don’t know if some of the stuff he mentioned are true but it really made me feel for me. shit is tough out there and sometimes you have to try talking to different people in the same department to get your information right. and when you have tried different people that’s when you can make a conclusion and say hey maybe because I am African that’s why. I am not siding with the govt at all but i just think you just have to try a different person in there or find out more people who has gone through this and hope to find an answer and the main thing is that you get your work permit or resident papers and continue to do what you have to do to live up you life. shit is not good out there all around the world and we are all limited to do things and don’t get me wrong I am here in Iceland because my situation wasn’t the best in Canada but here I can actually slow down my mind and look around some of the incredible views from mountains, to the northern lights and enjoying the hot tubs after practice, and that gives me a better chance to envision where i want to be in the next few years. i mean the future holds the best for us.

now am running off topic or well I enjoy your paper and keep writing and now am all over your website this will fill my schedule here in this small city, BORGARNES.

keep writing.

Hey Sil,

we are happy to learn you find the Grapevine useful and enlightening, and it’s cool you’re enjoying your time in Borgarnes. It’s a fine little town, for sure. Hopefully, you are also shooting some hoops, slamming some dunks and scoring points for your mighty team, Skallagrímur! As for your long-ass paragraph there in the middle, we’ll be damned if we understand it. But you’re cool – have some beer on us and the good folks of Ölvisholt.


Dear Grapevine,
In Australia in recent months, and I suspect in several other western countries, we have been subjected to current affairs programs dealing with the demise of Iceland’s economy. From the investigative Dateline and Foreign Correspondent to the local version of the tabloid 60 Minutes there has been no shortage of coverage of Iceland’s financial collapse.
Is this a case of schadenfreude? I doubt it, for most Australians have never met an Icelander so would be unlikely to derive pleasure in their pain. Moreover, I cannot think of a single reason why anyone would have any ill-feeling towards your people. Having visited your shores this year, I found Icelanders to be a fun-loving, modest, civil and tolerant people.
I get the feeling however, that both our peoples have the same distaste for the greed and corruption that accompanied the rise and fall of Iceland’s financial system. That those ‘entrepreneurs’ remain uncharged and living in havens such as Luxembourg, makes the scandal unresolved, unremedied and unavenged.
Iceland’s inhabitants are clearly their victims. Most of the British and Dutch depositors found protection from their cashed-up governments. Whilst I really feel for Iceland’s people, clearly the way out of this mess is for Iceland to embrace Europe (and to be embraced), continue to do the things your people do well, and cherish the things that make living in your country so special. [enclosed links to Aussie TV coverage redacted]  
PS: I’ve kept my 3 copies of the The Reykjavik Grapevine. They are cherished mementos of my time there.

Dear CT,

what? The Australians are schadenfreuding on us Icelanders now? That sucks. What did we ever do to them? It’s not like we’re oppressing an indigenous minority or anything.

Anyway, since you clearly oppose the offending reports, I trust that you’ll defend our honour down under – hopefully you have a full-fledged letter writing and general image-mending campaign underway. Lord knows our elected officials ain’t doing shit to defend our name.  

Also, if you ever get bored of reading our three issues you have, rest assured that we post each new issue on-line, so you can keep on reading ‘em. See you soon!

Dear Grapevine,

Just a quick note to let you know that your ongoing “History Of Icelandic Rock Music” series has become my favorite feature of your magazine now that “The Lonesome Traveler” series is no more. That is all. Carry on…

-John Evicci
Dracut, Massachusetts, USA

Dear John,

(hah! A ‘Dear John’ letter!) thank you for voicing your appreciation of the rock history columns. They are among our favourite features, too. As for the Lonesome guy, Fabrizio, we’re hoping he returns this summer. Those were some pretty great articles.


just read almost half of the day the last couple of issues of your fine magazine and had to laugh out loud often. Your Kreppa analyses take my full attention. Having been living in Iceland for 2,5 years, now working again in Germany for funding my family and my house (both in Iceland) reading your magazine is refreshing and surprisingly most of your analysis reflects my own thinking. Since Oddson is in charge at Morgunbladid, a magazine like yours is utterly important. The only drawback I see is that you cannot publish daily. As Ferdinand Lasalle states: “Every political action begins with a statement about what is.” Please continue and make statements about what is, but more often! You need subscribers? Here you are.

Daniel Schnell

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your kind words. It’s good to hear you’re getting something out of the mag. Running daily would indeed be a lot of fun, and I am sure Iceland would do well with having a daily bearing our non-outlook (I often wonder if locals aged 20-35 don’t need someone to speak on their behalf). But we’ve enough trouble doing it monthly (or every other week during the summer). Our ambitous prose and beautiful illustrations take FOREVER to produce. Hah.

As for subscription enquiries, you should e-mail and we’ll sort you out.

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