From Iceland — Completely Not Ever Been Done Before: Andrean Sigurgeirsson's Perfect Day

Completely Not Ever Been Done Before: Andrean Sigurgeirsson’s Perfect Day

Published April 30, 2020

Completely Not Ever Been Done Before: Andrean Sigurgeirsson’s Perfect Day
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Andrean Sigurgeirsson is a dancer-extraordinaire who you can often see gracing the stage of the Iceland Dance Company and performing with Hatari. Here’s how his perfect day in the city would unfold:

First thing in the morning

Since I’m in a long-distance relationship, I would love to wake up quite early in the morning, with the early morning shimmer from the sun, spooning my boyfriend, kissing him lightly. My whole family would be in the kitchen, making breakfast, and we’d sit down and talk about a lot of stupid stuff, mostly laughing. Some nice Indonesian jazz plays in the background.


After breakfast, my boyfriend and I go and take a walk in Öskjuhlíð, which is one of the few places within Reykjavík with trees. I’m half-Indonesian so I really like to be surrounded by trees, but in Iceland they are non-existent. Afterwards, we’d head to Nauthólsvík. It’d be a total rom-com situation—we have the beach to ourselves and go skinny-dipping in the warm ocean. Then we kiss and hug in the hot tub.


We go to my favourite place, Coocoo’s Nest, for a late brunch. I have the eggs florentine, which is very cliché, but I freaking love it. My friends are there, and we’re planning a new art project, which is brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before—that whole quote, you know.

Then, we notice in the news that the Icelandic government has stopped the eviction of asylum seeker children and their families, and the solution for the coronavirus is just devouring a huge vínarbrauð. At the same time, Bernie Sanders is elected President of the United States. We celebrate with a mimosa.


I would probably want to be alone with myself because I’m a huge loner and need time to myself. I love hiking so I’d go to Esja, put on my headphones, and just walk very fast up the mountain. I tend to hike very fast and people can’t keep up with me. Get those buns of steel, honey!


Then I’d head to Borgarleikhúsið for a show, grabbing some salad from Local on the way. We’d be showing my all-time favourite piece, Black Marrow. It’s packed and I have this moment like Nina in ‘Black Swan,’ where she does her best show ever. The whole artistic team surrounds me and are in awe and I say, “I was perfect,” but without a piece of broken glass in my stomach.

In the heat of the night

After the show, me and my comrades celebrate with some champagne. We end up at Röntgen, my new favourite place, and we dance the fucking house down. Then, my boyfriend and I sneak away—like I always do—and tap into Kiki to get our gay songs on for an hour.

Then we’d go home and have sex until we die.

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