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Word Of The Issue: The Olafsdottir

Word Of The Issue: The Olafsdottir

Published November 12, 2018

Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Dominiqua Alma

What were you doing at age 16? If we were to hazard a guess, you probably weren’t presenting your own self-titled element at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. Well, bedazzled national hero Sonja Margrét Ólafsdóttir did just that October 29th when she debuted her new trick ‘The Olafsdottir.’ The balance beam dismount is comprised of a Gainer Salto Tucked with a one-and-one-half twist at the end of the beam. Basically, you plebeians, after she jumps off the beam she does a backwards flip while rotating 540° so that she lands facing the beam. Difficult, gorgeous, iconic—we’re fans, Sonja.

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