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Word of the Issue: :Þ

Word of the Issue: :Þ

Published May 3, 2017

Photos by
Piyal Kundu/Wikimedia Commons

The word of the issue this issue is :Þ. Technically, no, this isn’t a word, but it is a neat emoticon that you can only make in Icelandic. And emoticons, like words, are imbued with meaning that can be at once static and flexible. Where :P looks goofy and implies the sender is perhaps a bit ridiculous, with that tongue lolling off to the side, :Þ has the tongue coming straight from the centre of the mouth, sending a clear message of mocking and derision. So where :P might mistakenly convey the impression that you’ve just had your wisdom teeth removed, :Þ provides clarity and precision: yes, you are teasing the recipient. As this is an emoticon you can only make with an Icelandic alphabet, it clearly deserves a place as this issue’s word of the issue.

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