From Iceland — Gender Rule Statistics

Gender Rule Statistics

Published September 14, 2010

Gender Rule Statistics

The chart above demonstrates changes between  years for ministers in the Icelandic government  by gender. As you can see, the late seventies  was the age of man. But since 1980, the gender difference  is gradually decreasing. Albeit, yes … gradually.  Very gradually. Some day soon, though …  It is tempting to relate the changes since 1980 to  the foundation of the Women’s Party in 1983. Discussion  of the participation of women in politics was one  of the reasons the party was founded, and may have  played a part in putting the issue in the public eye  before the party was actually founded. The party first  ran for elections in 1983 and there is a trend towards  more female participation in government until 2000.  There is surely some conspiracy theorist out  there who will point out how these changes coincide  with the rise of the Icelandic economic bubble, but  I’m not going to do it.
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