From Iceland — Getting The Old Snippity-Snip!

Getting The Old Snippity-Snip!

Published August 17, 2010

Getting The Old Snippity-Snip!
Rex Beckett

Despite how it may sometimes seem, what with all the pregnant ladies and guys who can’t even spell the word condom, not everyone in Iceland wants to procreate. In this issue we present you with a graph of those who have gone to surgical proportions to avoid spawning babies.
So these are the numbers of men who have had vasectomies and women who have undergone tubal ligation since 1981. There is a rather startling trend shift somewhere in the mid-90s when suddenly the guys start stepping up to the scissors more and more to get their sperm-tunnels clipped. Then in 1999, the women officially said ‘Fuck this!’ and tube-tying went out of style. Maybe they were as shocked as we were that in 1986 only 33 men underwent the relatively non-invasive and reversible vasectomy procedure while a whopping 660 women went through a permanent and messy process. Vasectomies are also cheaper, faster and are done under local anaesthetic so it saves a bunch of hassle to doctors and patients alike!

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