From Iceland — Grapevine Easter Beer Guide

Grapevine Easter Beer Guide

Published March 7, 2008

Grapevine Easter Beer Guide

One Friday after work, The Grapevine team gathered together, along with friends and beneficiaries, to sample this year.s Páskabjór (Easter Beer). Although a representative from the smaller speciality breweries was sadly missing, we tried to make do with the offerings of the big warehouses.

From Denmark, we tasted Tuborg’s traditional Easter Brew – also known as Kylle, Kylle (chicken, chicken) – probably the only beer in the world to have its own day of celebration. PDay or Påskebryg Day is widely (well, somewhat at least) celebrated in Denmark each March when the brew hits the stores. Tuborg’s Easter Brew is a full-bodied, amber-coloured beer with a slightly spicy scent and a balanced bittersweet taste.

Viking Páskabjór is modelled on south German “Dunkel” beers. It is dark brown and its taste has a hint of coffee, caramel, chocolate and toasted bread. The beer has a good malt filling and a medium bitterness in the aftertaste. Egils Páskabjór is a rich lager, in the mould of German lagers. It tastes of brown sugar and has a strong malty aroma.

A very informal poll conducted during our not so scientific sampling showed that people’s idea of a good beer varies greatly. A slight preference for Viking was noticeable, but the veteran, Chicken Chicken, fought an uphill battle all the way on account of being canned, rather than bottled.

But let’s focus on the positives. The good news here is that Easter greatly improves the variety of beer available domestically, and offers an excellent opportunity to host your own sampling party. What else is there to do on Good Friday?

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