From Iceland — Well, You Asked: We’re Not Very Picky Around Here

Well, You Asked: We’re Not Very Picky Around Here

Published February 6, 2024

Well, You Asked: We’re Not Very Picky Around Here
Catherine Magnúsdóttir
Photo by
Art Bicnick

The Grapevine’s finest answer your most pressing questions

What is a food that even an Icelander won’t eat?

Your Mo…nah. I can do better. So, Icelanders will put a lot in their mouths — perhaps some things they shouldn’t. A lot of the “traditional” stuff can probably be traced back to having zero friggin’ options and what I can only assume to have started off as a dare. Like, “I’ll give you one sheep if you put that rotten, toxic smelling, only vaguely resembling a sea creature thing in your mouth. I forgot that we had buried that.” However. American donuts, of all things, have a surprisingly bad survival rate here. Both Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts were totally ghosted by Icelanders once the novelty wore off. And frankly, while local pastries are good enough, I am still not over it! Oh, I can get a sheep’s head for lunch down the street but not a themed sugar hole?? (Unless I call your Mo… dammit!!)

Which ones are better, boxers or briefs?

I think we all switch to sheepskin loincloths in the winter. All natural and snuggly. Hand wash only, though.

Hi there, I am looking for the recipe for Gummi skippers old soup recipe from tender pig in Reykjavik. The one without dairy. It’s fantastic. They changed it but the old broth was amazing.

Oh boy this is so not my area of expertise, I am not the food person, I just had a mini rant about donuts two questions earlier. What was your question? Uuuh… maybe they stopped being tender to the pig??

Hi! This is Catherine from half an hour into the future realizing that past-Catherine, the cute little sleep deprived dumb dumb, misread your question about Captain Gummi’s Seafood Soup from the Sæta Svínið restaurant. And while this Catherine still doesn’t have an answer, she decided to leave this little brainfart in for your entertainment. Bone-apple-teeth.

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