From Iceland — The Útlendingur's Guide To Getting Shit Done: Divorcing

The Útlendingur’s Guide To Getting Shit Done: Divorcing

Published July 4, 2023

The Útlendingur’s Guide To Getting Shit Done: Divorcing
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Consciously uncoupling in Iceland

Are you longing for your significant other to hold a less significant place in your life? Then getting a divorce may just be for you! 

Here in Iceland, either party in a marriage is legally allowed to apply for divorce and can mosey down to their local district commissioner’s office to file the paperwork. Heck, you can even get the party started online at Your soon to be ex doesn’t have to be present. Both parties will eventually have to sign the petition for divorce, though, so catching a dumpee by surprise could slow the process down. 

Once the application is filed. both divorcing parties will be invited for an exit interview of sorts with the district commissioner (these can be done separately if you can’t fathom being in the same room as your formerly beloved).

Unless a prenuptial agreement was in place ahead of joining in matrimonial bliss, all marital assets are, by default, divided evenly between the separating spouses. If children are involved, mediation will have to take place to determine a custodial agreement and support payments to be made.

All in all, you can expect to be consciously uncoupled from your spouse approximately six months after filing for divorce.

Of course, the scenario outlined above is only applicable in the most cut and dry of cases. You know the ins and outs of your situation best and may want to contact a lawyer to usher you through the experience, especially if you’re a person of foreign origin and a parent divorcing an Icelandic spouse.

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