From Iceland — Don’t Disown Us, Here’s Our Favourite Bónus

Don’t Disown Us, Here’s Our Favourite Bónus

Published September 2, 2022

Don’t Disown Us, Here’s Our Favourite Bónus
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Bonus Review

Whether you think of yourself as a pro home chef or you’re most comfortable microwaving frozen dinners, you’ll find yourself in a grocery store at some point. As such, chances are you’ve found yourself in one of Bónus’ signature bright yellow buildings, branded with a hot pink smiling pig. With the help of famed Instagram account, Bónus Review, we chose our favourite Bónus’ to help you pick your next grocery spot.

Skútuvogur – The OG

Skútuvogur, 104 Reykjavík

If you’re a history-buff, this is the Bónus for you! Opening in 1989, the Skútuvogur Bónus is the Bónus that started it all. Boasting a portrait of the founder Jóhannes í Bónus at the entrance, you almost feel like you’re entering a museum instead of a grocery store. Despite its small size, it’s worth the pilgrimage for history.

Smáratorg – The King of the Bónuses

Smáratorg, 201 Kopavogur

This Bónus is so big, you can easily imagine you are walking through an average American grocery store. Listening to the ‘Shopping at Bónus’ Spotify playlist gracefully curated by the Bónus Review, move lazily across the aisles and take your time: Smáratorg Bónus has a lot to offer. With 23 checkouts available, you will almost never have to wait in line. There’s a huge sign in front of the store with the opening hours, almost saying to you: you simply can’t miss this one.

Spöngin – The Hidden Gem

Spöngin 9, 112 Reykjavík

If you’re trying to hide from your ex or you want to go to the store the morning after a messy night out and you don’t want to be seen, this is the Bónus for you. Off in its own hidden corner of Reykjavík, the Spöngin Bónus serves as the perfect place to do your shopping without the potential of running into someone you know. Aside from this obvious win, the Spöngin Bónus has a covered entrance, nice layout, and is conveniently located next to an ice cream shop.

Kringlan – The Wildcard

Kringlan 4, 103 Reykjavík

Our opinions on this one differ. While this Bónus definitely doesn’t have the best layout, it is still impressive how much they have fit into the small space. The most obvious con—the bread section is located behind the checkout, which causes an adrenaline rush for introverts like us. Overall, this particular Bónus is pretty convenient, but timing is everything—enter at your own risk unless you want to be squashed like sardines.

Grandi – The Best View

Fiskislóð 2, 101 Reykjavík

This Bónus allows you to arrive in style. Boasting a spacious entrance, it allows you to shake the rain off or show off your outfit before entering. Picnic essentials like coal, disposable grills and flowers (yes, we consider this essential—we’re romantics) are on display in the entrance. Without much exaggeration, we can say that this Bónus basically has an ocean view—so if you want to grab a quick snack before you go to watch the sunset at the harbour, Grandi Bónus has got your back! Worse case scenario, if you can’t find anything good, you can pop across the street to Krónan.

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