From Iceland — Lost In Google Translation: Old Sluts Taking Over

Lost In Google Translation: Old Sluts Taking Over

Published January 4, 2022

Lost In Google Translation: Old Sluts Taking Over
Reetta Huhta
Photo by
Sölvi Andrason/RÚV

Browsing through RÚV’s website, you come across a headline stating that people in Hrísey and Grímsey are living under a fear of old sluts taking over the islands. Confused, you rub your eyes. Are Iceland’s northern islands overrun by promiscuous geriatrics?

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As you read through the sentence again, your inner feminist awekens. What is this misogynistic bullshit in the newspaper? Why are these people referring to women as ‘old sluts’? This is in no way acceptable, it’s 2022 for God’s sake!

And more so, why are they referring to old sluts specifically? Apparently it’s okay to be a slut, but a young one with perky body parts and no wrinkles. That is exactly what’s wrong with today’s world: women are not allowed to grow old, whereas men are like wine—they get better as they age.

You are appalled. What a load of crap! Furiously you open the article and proceed to find out what other horrifying statements it makes about ageing women.

A closer look calms your blood pressure. The article is not about sluts—young or old. The residents of these islands are actually afraid of old cars, but Google translator has fooled us yet again.

The Icelandic word ‘drusla’ means old, borderline working cars, although it can also denote a slut. In this case, however, Google has made a mistake when deciding which meaning to pick.

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