From Iceland — Elísabet Pálmadóttir's Perfect Day: Outdoor Activities And Eruptions

Elísabet Pálmadóttir’s Perfect Day: Outdoor Activities And Eruptions

Published January 4, 2022

Elísabet Pálmadóttir’s Perfect Day: Outdoor Activities And Eruptions
Reetta Huhta
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Elísabet Pálmadóttir works as a specialist in natural hazards at the Icelandic Met Office. During the course of this year, she has been busy explaining the acts of Fagradalsfjall volcano to us common people. She is probably the only person whose perfect day includes a natural disaster.

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Woken up by the dog

Even though I really love my job, I enjoy the first day of vacation a lot. So my perfect day would be the start of a holiday after a long week of shifts at the Met Office. My dog would wake me up around nine or ten, beginning an easy morning. My husband and I would cuddle for a bit before feeding the dog. I might also make a celery juice for myself if I feel like it.

Walking, brunching and napping

When our dog would have eaten, we would take him out for a walk in sunny weather. We would either walk along the shore near our neighbourhood, or go for a hike. Our neighbourhood is right next to the sea, and we often walk around the shore since our dog loves to swim. We would have a ball with us and we’d throw it to the sea, and he would fetch it. However, if we would be longing for a hike, we would head to one of the many mountains near Reykjavík, like Úlfarsfell or Helgafell. Anyhow, the three of us would be walking outside for at least an hour before returning home.

Photo by Art Bicnick

After the walk, I would go to the gym to do some hot yoga. After a refreshing yoga session, I would have brunch with my sister and friends—preferably somewhere within walking distance from my home, so I could have a few drinks on the side. Back home after brunch, I would enjoy a moment by myself. I would probably take a nap to recharge my energy for the evening.

Staycation on the side of an eruption

On a perfect day, my husband and I would have booked a hotel for the night, so after my nap we would head there and just chill for a while. We would have also reserved a table at a nice restaurant, where we would go in the evening.

After the satisfying meal, we would travel to see an eruption that would have started during our dinner—because naturally the perfect day of a volcanologist includes a natural disaster. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with volcanoes and eruptions, and witnessing them truly makes my day. We would hike to the volcano and watch the mesmerising lava flow together for a good while before returning back to the hotel and falling asleep on the comfy bed.

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