From Iceland — Lost in Google Translation: Alien Reptoids Taking Over The Local Pools

Lost in Google Translation: Alien Reptoids Taking Over The Local Pools

Published July 2, 2021

Lost in Google Translation: Alien Reptoids Taking Over The Local Pools
Alina Maurer
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Screenshot / RÚV

This is one for all the conspiracists among us.

According to RÚV, an exchange of skins and showers is going to happen in the next few days. Whatever that means. 

Is RÚV warning us of a steamy sex party in some public shower? Are we talking about some illegal animal skin trade in the dripping undergrounds of Reykjavík–possibly some lurid scheme involving dead Danish minks? For helvede!

Or could it even be… Shape-shifting lizard people plotting something dark and steamy after mutating from Bill Gates’ (obviously reptilian himself) chip-infused vaccine? 

Reykvíkingar, battle up!

As we understand it, Reykjavík should prepare itself. So, sharpen your spears and polish your shields–dark times are ahead, as shape-shifting aliens dressed in human skin costumes swarm to our beloved local pools for some otherworldly (steamy) ritual. One better not be in the wrong place at the wrong time when the reptilian humanoids secretly exchange their skins for a new look, hoping to confuse us, Earthlings, by further cloaking their existence. Make sure to alert the Men in Black if your friends or family members are acting strangely in the coming days. You never know with these vile creatures!

Think we are bullshitting you? Well. When taking a closer look at the original Icelandic heading, “Skiptast á skin og skúrir næstu daga,” it can be literally translated to “Swapping between [sun]shine and rain showers in the next few days.” What made this whole thing so intriguing is Google’s translation of the Icelandic noun “skin” into the English “skins.” I guess no evil skin-changing ritual is scheduled in the next few days–though one can never be sure aliens aren’t behind all the sudden weather changes we’re currently experiencing.

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