From Iceland — Perfect Day: Ragga Hólm

Perfect Day: Ragga Hólm

Published August 2, 2019

Perfect Day: Ragga Hólm
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Ragga Hólm is a rapper, a member of Reykjavíkurdætur, a radio personality, and the owner of the new Curious queer bar. We asked her how she’d spend her perfect day in Reykjavík.

First thing in the morning
On this perfect day, I’m in my dream position in life, so it can be a little fake right? I’d wake up and the first thing I’d do is put on a juicy robe with a hood and my Gucci slippers. There’d be some people in my house who would make me a big fruit bowl with the best coffee ever. It’d feel like that Versace movie on Netflix. Juicy robe. Coffee. Fruit bowl. Gucci slippers.

Ragga Hólm

I’ve always dreamt of having my own office space, so I’d put on some comfortable clothes and drive my awesome Tesla over to my new office. There, I’d sit with a good cup of coffee creating all the stuff that is in my head.

My favourite food is sushi, so I’d head to Osushi for lunch. They’d have a special train just for me. I’d just sit in the middle with a virgin mojito, and they’d know my specials, so I don’t get the boring bites. It’s so sunny and warm out that I’d have to wear my shades inside.

In the afternoon
It’s time for the gym—gotta keep my body firm. I’d go to Reebok or World Class. I’d have my own masseuse. I’d go to the hot tub and cold bath for a bit, and get a one hour massage—at least. Afterwards, I go to my second job. I own a coffeehouse, vegan restaurant and club Curious, and I’d stop by to take the status, see how everything went. And it went really well!

Early evening
I call my friends and we head to Fjallkonan. We meet, have some cocktails—I’m having a virgin—and make plans about what we’re doing next week—we’re going out of the country, just ‘cause we can. Amsterdam? Abu Dhabi? We can go anywhere.

For dinner, we head back to my place and fire up a huge grill. I’m making mojitos and on this perfect day. I have an ice room where I can do my own ice picking. Then, we sit outside with heaters in big robes and eat the best vegan burgers and nuggets you’ve ever had.

In the heat of the night
We don’t want to end the night then so we go back downtown in a party taxi to Curious. That’s where we feel at home. Everyone feels at home there. We sit, have more mojitos, and live in the moment.

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