Well, You Asked: Drop-Kick Your Pylsa Into The Fjord

Well, You Asked: Drop-Kick Your Pylsa Into The Fjord

Published May 8, 2019

Well, You Asked: Drop-Kick Your Pylsa Into The Fjord

We at Grapevine like to be here for you, dear readers. That’s why we have this “Well, You Asked…” column, in which we answer the many questions we receive about Iceland on Twitter, and via grapevine@grapevine.is. If you have a burning question, shoot it over to us via these channels. And, you’re welcome.

How does one go about becoming an extra on Game of Thrones?
Well, first, you wanna identify the house you’re going for. To be a Greyjoy, take up heroin and live rough for a few weeks. To be a Lannister, try infiltrating the upper echelons of Iceland’s corrupt, crossbred political-business class and copy their haircuts and mannerisms. To be a Wildling, spend a weekend in Kaffibarinn. Or just join Sigur Rós—they managed it.

If someone on my Strætó bus is exceptionally smelly, is it ethical for me to spray said person with perfume?
As a perfectly fragrant and deodorised human who once turned around to find someone spraying me with perfume on the tube, I say no to this. You could have a case of mistaken identity, and this experience sucked for me. I smell great!

How does one properly hotdog in Iceland?
Start by going to Bæjarins Beztu, queuing with the tourists in the rain, and getting your Buddhist “one with everything.” Watch the sauces and raw and crunchy onions being slathered onto the pink sausage and squished into the weird foamy bun. Next, go and throw the whole thing into the fjord. Hot dogs are processed junk food, man! And they’re no different here. Eat something healthy! What are you, five years old?

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