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The Democracy Movement

Published April 3, 2009

The Democracy Movement
The Democracy Movement – In Their Own Words:
Most political scientists agree that democracy now needs to seek its roots and that the current representative system is outdated that does not suit the needs of the modern information society. The Icelandic representative democracy has evolved into party rule; a cesspool of corruption. In the backrooms of Alþingi, MPs are encouraged to obey the party lines, which are often laid out in the boardrooms of corporations that eventually profit off the parliament’s decisions.
After elections, we have no way of knowing what the regime is going to look like. Campaign promises amount to nothing in light of the MP tradeoffs for the various ministries and power. Individuals that get selected with a few hundred votes behind them at the party convention can wind up as PM. The nation did not vote him, and most of us cannot trust him for our survival and future. But due to the system’s flaws, the party machine has taken power from us.
Is there a better way to run society? A simpler, cheaper and safer way for our life’s work and family? Do we want to tread the same tracks anew, the politics of yesterday that bankrupted the nation? Or will we learn from our mistakes and prevent that such collapses can happen?
Direct democracy, free of middlemen, is the only real solution. Direct democracy will eliminate shady corners and negotiations from parliament. MPs that do not listen to their people in direct democracy will become powerless.
Our agenda for direct democracy:
-Every Icelandic citizen can send Alþingi a suggestion for a new bill that will be taken for consideration if supported by the signatures of 1% of the electorate. MPs and Ministers will also be able to propone new bills.
-MPs will lead discourse and committee work on Alþingi bills, and introduce them to the nation in an electronic parliament and on the Internet.
-The ATM system (which is now owned by the public) will be used as voting booths for the electronic national parliament.
-If need be, Alþingi can accept temporary law that will be valid until the next national parliament.
-MPs will be assigned the votes of those that do not wish to use their right to vote, to use in Alþingi.
Suggestions for changes in Alþingi and the government
-The number of MPs reduced to 31
-The nation will become one constituency
-MPs will be voted for in person, not as party members
-Parliament will choose Ministers on professional grounds. The President, as elected official of the masses and independent supervisor, will appoint and release ministers from their duty
-Ministers will not be part of parliament
-The hiring of judges and high-level officials will be confirmed by the parliament.

Grapevine vs. The Democracy Movement. Q&A:
Briefly describe the party’s general agenda using one sentence.
Personified elections, a decrease in MPs and direct democracy.
There have been loud calls for renewal in the ranks of Icelandic MPs and politicians lately? How has your party responded to these requests?
The Democracy Movement consists of only new candidates.
What is your party’s financial agenda? What are you going to do about the króna?
The Democracy Movement proposes a system where the nation can actively participate in Parliament. What we do with the Króna is a matter that the nation needs to decide upon in direct and middleman free democracy. We cannot trust MPs that are ruled by corrupt party owner coalitions to make such important decisions for the nation.
How does the party plan to help Icelandic companies?
We wish to hire the most capable experts, both locally and internationally, to form an agenda. We can already see what a mistake it was to allow MPs, with their limited knowledge, to interfere in these matters in the past months. The Icelandic economy is badly isolated after poorly thought out emergency laws and government action.
How does the party plan to help Icelandic homes?
The Democracy Movement believes we can amplify the problem even further by announcing a policy for the next four years in such a matter that demands a speedy process and constant circumstantial change. Therefore, we will hire the best experts to work on these cases, and through, the nation can participate in prioritising the matters and voting on them through direct democracy. 
How can Iceland regain trustworthiness in the eyes of foreign investors and creditors? How can Iceland prevent becoming isolated in the global village?
We need participation from international banks and financial institutions. The Democracy Movement’s spokesmen immediately suggested we seek the talents of George Soros and other thinkers and economists to advise on re-building our banking system. This advice wasn’t heeded, and the results are an isolated banking system, just as we had predicted.
What is your party’s stance on the European Union?
We will not take a stance on the matter and want the nation to choose in a direct and middleman free democracy. We cannot trust MPs that are ruled by corrupt party owner coalitions to make such important decisions for the nation.
Who is responsible for the Icelandic economic collapse and the problems Iceland now faces? Does your party share any of the responsibility? 
The Icelandic party rule is the cause of the corrupt politics that have caused this collapse. We wish to oust the corruption out of Alþingi and the political system using direct, middleman free democracy.
What is your party’s stance on constitutional change? Should we assemble a constitutional parliament, or are there other ways?
This is easy to accomplish with direct, middleman free democracy, as we present on our website,
It is given that the Icelandic state needs to initiate many cutbacks in the near future. Where should those be imposed, in your opinion, and are there any fields that should be “exempt” from such cutbacks?
The nation should get a chance to decide on these matters using direct, middleman free democracy. We cannot decide now and for the next four years on matters like these. People need to be able to discuss such matters at least once a year and the Democracy Movement’s platform of direct, middleman free democracy will give the people a chance to make these decisions.

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