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Published September 12, 2013

Æla (translation: Puke) are an Icelandic post-punk band, famous in their home country for their mesmeric and explosive live performances, jagged tunes, tense dynamics and the on/offstage acrobatics of frontman and scene figure Halli Valli.
Their acclaimed debut album “Sýnið tillitssemi, ég er frávik” (roughly translated, “Show some consideration, I am an anomaly”) was released in 2006. The band spent 2007-2008 playing live and touring in the UK and France, as well as becoming a hyped annual fixture on the Iceland
Airwaves lineup. Since then, various members of Æla have been through education, childbirth, international moves and various other projects, extending work on their “difficult second
album” almost indefinitely. But with the recordings finally complete, the new band are gearing up for a new chapter in their story.
Æla have inspired comparisons to greats like the Minutemen, Shellac, Les Savy Fav and Slint from fans and critics; however, it’s their inimitable boundless energy and their sense of fun that have garnered praise from all corners.
Those aspects are the core of the band’s mission: to harness the chaos, energy, absurdity and fun that is Æla.

November 3, 2013
23:00 Amsterdam

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