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Grapevine Playlist: ZÖE, Stefán Elí, PORT & More!

Grapevine Playlist: ZÖE, Stefán Elí, PORT & More!

Published August 30, 2019

ZÖE – Summer Funeral

Zöe will be the perfect medicine for those who once loved Evanescence but maybe won’t admit it. “Summer Funeral,” her debut track, is a soaring, melodic and perhaps accidentally gothic af track that wouldn’t feel out of place in an ‘Underworld’ film. The video, directed by Baldvin Z, is equally dramatic. HJC

Stefán Elí – Pink Smoke

Owl City meets James Blake meets Lil Peep in the melodic drones of Stefán Elí. Autotuned to a T, complete with depressing lyrics and a light trap beat, it’s the perfect pop antidote for the Soundcloud generation. Put it on your afterparty playlist. HJC

Singapore Sling – Killer Classic

Rock is cool again, and Singapore Sling are making it known with this great lo-fi number. It’s gritty, groovy and everything good rock and roll should be. JG

PORT – Canals

Journey back to late 80s goth with PORT’s newest track. It’s a bit more upbeat than their previous efforts, but still has that latent sense of wear-my-hair-over-my-face-so-no-one-sees-me. Pure old-school goth is a genre oft-ignored, but we’re happy to see someone is trying to revive it. We like ‘Lost Boys’ too. HJC

Óværa – Perdido en Islandia

This brutal quintet bring loads of energy and intensity with their new album. Combining the sounds of Pig Destroyer and The Dillinger Escape Plan, the punchy guitar riffs and guttural vocals will have you banging your head until your neck is sore. SO

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