From Iceland — Matt Freakin’ Dillon! Doing Bukowski!

Matt Freakin’ Dillon! Doing Bukowski!

Matt Freakin’ Dillon! Doing Bukowski!

Published August 26, 2006

Matt Dillon’s and Marissa Tomei’s presence at the opening ceremony of the Iceland International Film Festival this year will be a highlight for film in Iceland, but it is only part of what cinephiles can look forward to in the three weeks of IIFF.
Dillon and Tomei both star in the Bent Hamer’s film Factotum, based on the great working man’s saga of the same name by every two-fisted man with a pen’s hero, Charles Bukowski.
The films for this year’s festival are divided into four categories: World, containing the cream of international independent films, America, showing a variety of independently-produced films from the States, Documentaries, and finally Gala, which includes carefully selected films that will be premiered in grand ceremonies, like the aforementioned gift from God, Factotum.
  The line-up up at this point includes, for example, Dave Chapelle’s Block Party starring the comedian himself and directed by Michel Gondry, the Oscar-nominated documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room starring John Beard, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Peter Coyote and Kenneth Lay in a film about the Enron Scandal and the Cohen brothers’ Romance and Cigarettes, with Sopranos mobster James Gandolfini in the leading role. A film of particular importance for this nation of melting glaciers, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore´s struggle against global warming will also make its Icelandic premier. SJ
The Iceland International Film Festival, August 30 – September 21
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