From Iceland — You May Not Want to Avoid Sin City

You May Not Want to Avoid Sin City

You May Not Want to Avoid Sin City

Published May 27, 2005

From the director of Spy Kids 3D and the writer of Robocop 2 and 3 comes Sin City, a film noir shot entirely on a soundstage based on a comic book. Sound like hell? Wish someone would mail some estrogen to Hollywood? Well cool your jets a little. A few things: Frank Miller is responsible for introducing grown up writing and style to American comics. He made an enormous impact with Batman: the Dark Knight Returns, in which he presented the first ever female superhero without D-cup breasts.
Miller’s love of Manga, or Japanese comics, probably influenced the Wachowski brothers in their making of the Matrix, and, even if it didn’t, it at least demonstrates the multi-cultural influence on Sin City.
As for Robert Rodriguez, he seems to have ADD and want to inflict the world with it. On the bright side, he had Quentin Tarantino and Frank Miller co-direct Sin City, and he had an extremely clear plot to go off of.

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