From Iceland — Grapevine New Music Picks: Pale Moon, JóiPé, and Draumfarir

Grapevine New Music Picks: Pale Moon, JóiPé, and Draumfarir

Grapevine New Music Picks: Pale Moon, JóiPé, and Draumfarir

Published June 3, 2022

According to the weather forecast, we should have a super sunny day tomorrow (yes we’re still obsessed). According to experience, we know not to trust the weather forecast. But do you know what you can trust? Grapevine’s New Music Picks. Yes. That’s right. You’re welcome.

All these tracks—and so many more brought to you by The Grapevine over the past twelve months—are available in our New Music Picks 2021-22 playlist.

Pale Moon – “Lemon Street”

Pale Moon is back! The duo have released their 10 track debut album ‘Lemon Street’ and it’s a gem. Balancing lush pop and psychedelic rock with a melancholic indie ballad here and there, you witness their journey as they explore the trials of life, self, and being a band. The album is named after a street in Mora, Spain, where they wrote most of their work. If you listen closely, you can actually hear the sunshine! KW

JóiPé – “FACE (feat. PALLY)”

Straying from the hip hop beat we’re accustomed to hearing from JóiPé, the indie pop single FACE is the result of JóiPé teaming up with Russian-American artist PALLY. Listening to FACE, you can almost forget that JóiPé is typically a hip hop artist. We love the usual hip hop, but indie pop sounds amazing on JóiPé. The upbeat hit will give you that extra boost of energy you need to finish up your work before a much needed three-day weekend. AE

Draumfarir – “Nær þér (feat. Friðrik Dór)”

You’re laying on a sunbed in Nauthólsvík, soaking up as much as the Icelandic sun and landscape can offer, sipping a Brennivín based Sex on the Beach, and this tune comes up. Suddenly you have the perfect love song to listen to while you obsess over your summer crush. Pop duo Draumfarir did it again! Their collaboration with Friðrik Dór is nothing short of a song that will be stuck in your head this summer. Nær Þér (closer to you), but oh so far from summer. AP & IZ

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