From Iceland — Just Exploring (With Some Bass): gugusar's Perfect Day

Just Exploring (With Some Bass): gugusar’s Perfect Day

Just Exploring (With Some Bass): gugusar’s Perfect Day

Published November 13, 2020

Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

gugusar, real name Guðlaug Sóley Höskuldsdóttir, is one of the Grapevine’s favouite new artists. She dropped her debut album ‘Listen To This’ earlier this summer and just a week ago put out a new single with Auður. Catch gugusar on November 14th at 19:30 as an off-venue Highlight at Iceland Airwaves’ Live From Reykjavík. Here’s her perfect day in the city.


The moment I woke up, I would start my day by connecting with my Bluetooth speaker and just blasting whatever my favourite song was in that moment. Probably something that has a lot of bass ‘cause I have a bass box under my bed so my bed shakes from the beat. Then I would go and make some breakfast—it’d be scrambled eggs with some avocado and an iced coffee.

I’d spend the rest of the morning painting a picture because I’m always painting right now.


gugusar. Photo by Art Bicnick


I love biking. I try to go biking five times a week so I’d call my friend and together we’d go biking downtown. Biking and exploring downtown is just the most fun ever.

We’d get something to eat at Te og Kaffi. That’s our go-to. I usually just pick out whatever, maybe a cookie or something, but I’d also get another iced coffee.

We love record stores so we always go to Lucky Records and 12 Tónar to look around. Usually I buy an album—record stores are where I spend my money! The last album I bought was ‘Flower Boy’ by Tyler, the Creator, which I love. The cover is so pretty.

We also love thrift stores so we’d probably go to Wasteland or Fatamarkaðurinn and look around there as well.


After my friend went home, I’d bike over to my sister’s house in Vesturbær for dinner. We’d have a soup, probably kjötsupa without the meat, and then go to Ísbúð Vesturbæjar. There, my favourite is a bragðarefur with Nutella, Oreos and Mars. It’s so crazy good. It’s bonkers.

Then I’d bike home again and spend the rest of an evening just on my drum set. I have a drum set in my studio and I’d just play around and go crazy. And then I’d literally just sit here in the studio and try to produce some songs for like four hours before I go to sleep.

gugusar. Photo by Art Bicnick

Once again—you can catch gugusar on November 14th at 19:30 as an off-venue Highlight at Iceland Airwave’s Reykjavík Live. See you there!

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