From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Mountains, Moons And FUCKBOYS

Grapevine Playlist: Mountains, Moons And FUCKBOYS

Published September 18, 2020

Grapevine Playlist: Mountains, Moons And FUCKBOYS

MAMMÚT – Prince

This single from MAMMÚT’s upcoming new album is a dreamy, slow pop ballad that is really easy to listen to ten times in a row. Musically, it is a deviation from the rawness of 2017’s ‘Kinder Versions.’ The video is an homage to the 80s, with an ancient tube television and host that talks directly to singer Katrína Mogensen, telling her to go to bed. It’s dreamy, poppy, and I can’t stop playing it. SPO

Jökull Logi – Blue Mountains

Do you like jazz? Even if you don’t, this soothing saxophone-synth combo is sure to get your fingers snapping. Either that, or it will completely stress you out. Depends on how you feel about saxophones, I guess. SPO

Kristín Sesselja – FUCKBOYS

There are a lot of emotions going on in this cheerful sounding song. The lyrics are angry, confused, and sad. But the music is cheerful, crisp and makes me want to dance. Dear Kristín, I know you’re mad at all the boys, but I’m going to dance to your song about it anyway. SPO

Inga Björk – Anddyri

This song does something interesting with fingerstyle guitar, which is something I never thought I would say. There is a phrase on the guitar that is repeated throughout the song. The effect is a haunting song that stays with you. SPO

Iris Arins – Moon Skin

Some readers might know Iris Arins through the curious experimental band, Grúska Babúska. Now she is going solo. Moon Skin is a slow trip-hop-ish song with the good old “krútt” Icelandic accent. But Iris’ excellent voice holds the delicate balance together. It’s a good start. VG

Eivør – Let It Come

Eivør is, well, evolving, to say the least. In her new single, Eivør breaks all ties with the strong artsy Faroe Islands folk sound and goes full pop/electro on her fans. Her songs are quite disciplined pop and follow the rules faithfully. Is it good? It’s intriguing. Is it weird? A little bit, yeah. But an evolving artist is a good artist. So we’ll allow it. VG


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