From Iceland — Fancies: Milo de Mix & Chardonnay Bublée

Fancies: Milo de Mix & Chardonnay Bublée

Published March 13, 2020

Fancies: Milo de Mix & Chardonnay Bublée
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Fancies is a Grapevine series where we highlight an individual with supreme style. Our latest subject is Milo de Mix & Chardonnay Bublée, Reykjavík’s premiere drag couple. Engaged in real life and married on the drag stage, the two bring drama, romance and, of course, glitter.

today’s look

Milo de Mix & Chardonnay Bublée

Photo by Art Bicnick

Milo de Mix is wearing:

  • 70% of a vintage tux
  • My favourite boots
  • Other random pieces of clothing
  • Pocketsquare is made of leftover fabric from Chardonnay’s outfit—we love being matchy-matchy.

Chardonnay Bublée is wearing:

  • Hand-sewn detachable skirt with maybe 120 hand-made roses on it.
  • Mini-dress from Milo’s closet.
  • Headpiece I made from the leftover material of this skirt.

style q&a

Describe your style in 5 words (or more!):
Milo: Glittery, random, sharp, donated, and androgynous.
Chardonnay: Cool-mom, homemade, bubbly, see-through, and reveal-ready.

Favourite stores in Reykjavík:
Milo: Fatamarkaðurinn, Wasteland Reykjavík, Kolaportið, the Red Cross, Gyllti Kötturinn, and the closets of my dear friends who give me things.
Chardonnay: Any place that has lingerie.

Favourite piece:
Milo: My six-pack, obviously. But otherwise my bright blue Bowie-esque jumpsuit from Wasteland Reykjavík, which I can just throw on and look fabulous in exactly one minute.
Chardonnay: My hot piece of husband! Also the red skirt I’m wearing because these roses took forever to make.

Milo de Mix & Chardonnay Bublée

Photo by Art Bicnick

Something I would never wear:
Milo: Sandals. Specifically not with tennis socks. Or cargo pants. You just cannot save that look, not even with glitter.
Chardonnay: Something I can’t take off quickly. I’m always prepared… to strip!

Lusting after:
Milo: The dream is to acquire a custom-made suit with flamingos on it. I can’t stop thinking about flamingos right now.
Chardonnay: Tights that don’t rip after one wear and a bunch of flannel for a gown I am working on.

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