From Iceland — You’re Here! You’re Queer! Celebrate It!: The Grapevine Guide to Reykjavík Pride

You’re Here! You’re Queer! Celebrate It!: The Grapevine Guide to Reykjavík Pride

Published August 9, 2019

You’re Here! You’re Queer! Celebrate It!: The Grapevine Guide to Reykjavík Pride

The annual Reykjavík Pride has finally arrived for a fabulous two-week-long celebration. Yipee! This year’s iteration is chock full of fun and important events guaranteed to make you celebrate your beautiful queerness. To help you make the most of the festivities, the Grapevine Pride Departament has compiled the not-to-miss Pride events.

Reykjavík Pride

Pride Parade
August 17th – 14:00 – Downtown Reykajvík – Free!
Don your finest rainbow garb and don’t forget the confetti cannons for the penultimate event of this year’s Pride: the Reykjavík Pride Parade. This year’s route begins at Hallgrímskirkja, and will conclude on Sóleyjargata near Hljómskálagarður next to the Pride outdoor concert. Unlike other parades worldwide, this one is totally family friendly. Try not to lose your voice from singing too much Páll Óskar. Just kidding. There’s no such thing as too much Páll Óskar.

Reykjavík Pride

The Stonewall Riots
August 9th – 12:00 – National Museum Of Iceland – Free!
It’s been 50 years since the Stonewall Riots—that pivotal moment event during which queer people of New York fought back against the police that terrorised them, and in doing so, created a movement that has continued until today. At this special Reykjavík Pride event, go moment by moment through the riots, learning the catalyst, cast of characters, and if or how it matters in today’s society. The discussion will be led in English.

Mommie Queerest
August 15th – 20:00 – Tjarnarbíó – 3,000 ISK
Tina—bring me the axe. Also, it’d be great if you could pick up tickets for international drag superstars Heklina and Peaches Christ parody of the iconic ‘Mommie Dearest’, too. All jokes aside, the show will be a romp and a riot through a queer-ified verion of the story that destroyed Faye Dunaway’s career forever. And remember: No. Wire. Hangers. Ever.

Queers Without Borders: Action Meeting

August 17th – 19:00 – Andrými – Free!

“Post-parade, pre-party. Create the Pride you want to see.” That’s the tagline for this event, which goes beyond glitter cannons while “It’s Raining Men” blasts over the sponsored content festooning the Pride Parade. This radical meeting space aims to focus on “bodily violence against intersex children, financial inaccessibility of HRT for many low-income people (especially youth), and deportations of queer asylum seekers,” amongst other pressing issues within the community.

Reykjavík Pride

The Icelandic Royal Drag Competition
August 9th – 21:00 – Austurbær – 3,900 ISK
Pageantry and drag go together like Jonathan Van Ness and a good grooming routine. For Reykjavík Pride 2019, ten different acts—kings, queens, and everything in between—will perform for the chance to be crowned the winner of the Icelandic Royal Drag Competition. After the show, the champion will take part in a crowning celebration, entry to which is included in the ticket price.

Reykjavík Pride

Feminist Swearing Night Iceland
August 16th – 20:00 – Loft – Free!
Bloody Norah! We at the Grapevine flippin love swearing and feminism so this event is right up our alley. The open-mic event is a chance to say whatever you darn well like about the patriarchy in whichever form takes your fancy. Excitingly, the cool-as-heck founders of the Feminist Swearing phenomemon will be at the event, which is pretty effing cool. The night will be conducted in English, Finnish, Icelandic and pure profanity.

Info: Reykjavík Pride happens August 8th-17th.

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