From Iceland — Shiny Darkly's Little Earth

Shiny Darkly’s Little Earth

Published October 28, 2013

Shiny Darkly’s Little Earth

Shiny Darkly are a young Danish trio playing echoey, intense rock ‘n’ roll that’s been favourably compared to Suicide, Jesus & Mary Chain and The Cure, and the Modern Gothic of The Horrors and Savages. We spoke to singer Kristoffer as they prepare their debut LP, “Little Earth”.

Hello there Shiny Darkly. I hear you’ve been recording your debut LP lately. How’s it all going?
That’s right! We have been busy this late summer and fall recording songs. We went to these two great studios in Malmö – Gula Studion and Tambourine Studios – and had some good and intense days there. After the recordings, we went to Berlin to mix the record at Kaiku Studios, who’ve done work with bands like Moon Duo and The Handsome Furs.

Exciting! What are the release plans?
We decided to start out by releasing an EP. It will be the prequel to our full length album, and will be come out on a 12″ vinyl on November 11th, but we’ll have it with us for a special premiere at Airwaves. It contains 3 songs – on the A-side you’ll hear our 9.40 min long single “Dead Stars”, which will be the ending song on the full album; on the B-side you’ll hear two energetic and up-tempo songs which aren’t on the LP. The album will be called “Little Earth”, and we expect it to come out at the end of January. We’re very excited about it.


You’ve played in Iceland once before, how did you enjoy it? Any standout good memories from the trip?
Yeah, we played some unofficial gigs at Airwaves last year. It is an interesting festival with some beautiful venues. It was also a strange and challenging journey because of the crazy and stormy weather. The wind was so freaking powerful, that when you wanted to go out, or you were supposed to meet up for a soundcheck or something, you could almost fly over there by doing a jump. It was fun, but we did not get to experience the beautiful nature, because was too dangerous…

What do you think of the Reykjavík music scene? Can you tip us on an Icelandic artist that you’re into?
It’s very interesting and developing we think. We saw a lot of bands, but we didn’t get the names of all of them. Apparat Organ Quartet were quite cool! Dead Skeletons didn’t play, but they’re an Icelandic band we like. Maybe this time.

Have you taken a look at the lineup? If so, which bands set your pulse racing?
It seems like a really great line up. So many bands we don’t know yet, but hopefully will discover. We are excited to hear Sean Nicholas Savage, Mac Demarco, Goat, Savages, My Bubba and of course Kraftwerk.

Shiny Darkly are quite a young band, but you’ve already played at Roskilde – how was that?
That was one huge experience. When you are a band in Denmark, that’s one of the greatest things that can happen to you! We hadn’t played many concerts at that time, so we were quite nervous, but it turned out to a be a really cool and noisy show we must say. So many drunk and happy people. You have to experience that!

Will you be doing some off-venues? Anything confirmed?
Yes, we have a lot. On Thursday we play Bar 11 at 20.30, Friday is an acoustic show at the Nordic House at 15.00 then Kvosin at 16.00. Saturday is 12 Tónar in Harpa at 14.45 then Loft Hostel at 17.00. And finally, Lucky Records on Sunday at 16.00.

Where should people go to have a listen to your music?
You can find us on Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube.

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