From Iceland — Allie Doersch's Perfect Day in Reykjavík: Tea, Stick 'n' Pokes, Mario Kart

Allie Doersch’s Perfect Day in Reykjavík: Tea, Stick ‘n’ Pokes, Mario Kart

Published November 9, 2017

Allie Doersch’s Perfect Day in Reykjavík: Tea, Stick ‘n’ Pokes, Mario Kart
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Allie Doersch is an artist, and the raging punk frontwoman of the band Tófa. She shared with us her perfect day, which starts with cats and ends with schadenfreude.

First thing
It‘s Saturday. After my cats, Mjágústa and Voffi Pizza Kistján, wake me up, I spend some time lounging in bed with my husband Gauji. Eventually I throw on a bathrobe and make some green tea with honey while bae prepares a dreamy combination of bacon from Pylsumeistarinn (the best), cheese (lots), mushrooms (favourite) and eggs for breakfast.

I do a lot of creative freelancing outside of my 9-5, so weekend afternoons are prime time to get a lot of drawing done while listening to my favorite podcasts (My Brother My Brother and Me, Stuff You Should Know, and Love + Radio to name a few).

Around lunch
Spending so much time in front of a computer warrants some serious action. You’ll find me sweating my guts out in hot yoga or getting buff at pole fitness (shout out to Eríal Pole). This is, I would argue, the most important part of the perfect day. As Steve Brule would say: FOR YOUR HEALTH.

For dinner
After a shower I head downtown to meet up with my buddies—chances, are we’re at KEX eating some amazing food, drinking some great beer, and ending the meal with a shot of Fernet Branca.

In the evening
If we‘re feeling cozy the party is relocated to my friends Árni and Harpa’s apartment, where we break out the stick ‘n’ poke equipment and I give a few people tattoos (HMU for a sick tat!), while we listen to records and play Mario Kart.

In the heat of the night
The perfect night would not be complete without an improv jam session in the bathroom with my bandmates from Tófa and whoever else is brave enough to join us. Cue the sink solo! Tss tss tss tss tssssss! If you hear a harmonic rendition of ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ drifting through the downtown air on a Saturday night, it’s us. You’re welcome. Next Gauji and I buy a stuffed crust pizza from 10-11 and play with Mjágústa and Kistján while it cooks in the oven. The perfect day ends with a short fail video binge (my guilty pleasure) while we give ourselves cheese tummies. After crawling into bed I post the puddle comic of the day to my Instagram (@alliedoersch #puddlecomic), turn out the lights, do some 4-7-8 breathing and fall asleep to gentle ambient noise. Perfect.

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