From Iceland — Colm O'Herlihy's Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Colm O’Herlihy’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík

Published October 18, 2017

Colm O’Herlihy’s Perfect Day In Reykjavík
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Art Bicnick

Colm O’Herlihy is an Irishman living in Iceland, working as the manager of two top labels, Bedroom Community & Mengi Records. He’s often to be seen buzzing around downtown, typing away in the bars, venues and cafés of 101. Here he shares with us how he’d spend his perfect day in Reykjavík.

First thing in the morning:
I usually start my day with a coffee at my home on Hverfisgata. I sit in the kitchen, check emails and gaze at Esja. Then, once my hands start shaking from too much coffee, I’ll either make some food at home or else fantasize about brunch in Bergsson. I’ve been talking about playing indoor soccer or starting a gym membership, so hopefully in this perfect day scenario, I’ll have taken that up and have a super sweet six-pack to gaze down upon.

Favourite breakfast place:
I’m not really an early breakfast kinda guy, so lunch usually doubles up as my first meal of the day. It’ll range from a hummus & bread combo at Reykjavik Roasters, or else a greasy meal at Prikið. If I have a meeting to go to, or an urge to walk, then I’ll have the tasty soup at Stofan Café and hi-five Birgir.

Around midday:
I’ll usually try and meet-up with some friends, maybe head to Vesturbæjarlaug for a swim.

In the afternoon
I’ve been really enjoying Hlemmur Mathöll; the burritos there are incredible. Then I’ll take a stroll over to Ölstofan for a pint of Guinness (the best in Reykjavik), have a quick drink in Kaffibarinn, and then dash to Bíó Paradís just in time for a film.

For dinner:
I visit Hverfisgata 12 so often that it’s actually embarrassing. The potato pizza and an All Day IPA, thank you very much. It’s one of the best places to bring out of town guests. Once I’ve eaten, I’ll always head upstairs to Mikkeller to sample some their incredible beers.

In the evening:
I’ll finish the day with a concert in Mengi—there really isn’t a better place to to listen to live music. And there you have it. A wonderful day all-round.

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