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fArt Is In the Air…


Reykjavík’s one and only performance art festival, artFart, is happening again this summer! The auditory tours, dance, theatre, and visual…

Jim Jarmusch To Be Guest Of Honour At RIFF 2010


Director Jim Jarmusch will be the Guest of Honour at this year´s Reykjavík International Film Festival. According to RIFF´s press…

10,000 Have Already Signed Björk’s Petition


According to a press release from Smekkleysa (Bad Taste), around 10,000 Icelandic citizens have signed the petition against the selling…

Vatnajökull Voyagers: Walking On Ice


It was a sunny, Friday morning in Reykjavík. The air was still and the sky was clear; the perfect kind…

Will We Foster A Nintendo-Of-The-North?


The Icelandic Gaming Industry is a relative newborn among the organisations here in Iceland. Formed just over a year ago,…

Welfare Committee To Give 25 Million To City’s Poor


A proposal from the Left Green party, to provide a grant to residents who receive financial assistance, has been approved…

The Best Scoop Around


Ísbúðin Ísland Stigahlíð 45-47, 105 Ísbúðin Ísland only recently joined the crowd of ice cream stores dishing out cold creamy…

Used Books Are The Best Books


Bókin, or Bókabúð Braga as it is often called by locals, is quite easy to spot when walking down Hverfisgata….

Icelandic Poetry In China


A new cultural foundation, called the China Iceland Cultural Fund, was formally announced this morning in Beijing, according to….

Gasoline Theft In Borgarfjörður


The police in Borgarfjörður have received two reports in the past week about incidents of gasoline theft, according to….

Tourists on the Street

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We stopped to interview some lucky tourists on the street to see why they chose to visit Iceland. The following…

Children & Teens Swim For Free


In its meeting last Wednesday, the City Council agreed that children (specified as those of 18 years or younger) will…