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The Best Scoop Around

Published July 8, 2010

The Best Scoop Around

Ísbúðin Ísland
Stigahlíð 45-47, 105

Ísbúðin Ísland only recently joined the crowd of ice cream stores dishing out cold creamy goodness to Reykjavík residents. Opening its doors in January, Ísland is pretty new, but unknown it is not. This excellent, little ice cream shop has been making quite a name for itself. In fact, it scored our ‘Best ice cream’ award’!
Owner Hlédís Sveinsdóttir sells specialty ice cream that she procures straight from farms around the country. Growing up on a farm herself, Hlédís understands where ice cream comes from, and wants others to appreciate the work that many cows and farmers put in to each scoop.
Her shop, located right across the street from Kringlan, sells this special farm-made ice cream, called Holtsel after the farm where it’s produced. Ísland also offer the regular scoop and soft serve stuff from Kjörís, but Holtsel is really why you should pay Ísland a visit. Ringing up at 420 ISK a scoop, it’s fortunate that most people tell Hlédís they only need one scoop to feel full.
Ísland serves up scoops of Holtsel in an array of flavours, the most popular being coconut with chocolate chip, strawberry skyr (made with real skyr. And strawberries, of course), and beer (yes, it DOES taste like beer). Stand-by flavours like chocolate, vanilla, chocolate-liquorice, and caramel are always in stock. This tasty treat is also available in boxes to take home.
Ísbúðin Ísland offers a variety of frozen treats for every customer. If you’re jonesing for a sugar fix, you can find all the traditional candy toppings, dips, and sauces. If healthy and refreshing is more to your taste, there’s a variety of skyr and yogurt based ice creams as well as fresh strawberries, rhubarb pieces, and agave and dandelion syrups to top it off. They also stock a good assortment of organic yogurt products and old Icelandic skyr.
If you’re looking for some delicious, filling ice cream straight from the farm, look no further than Ísland. This awesome little shop will fulfil each and every one of your ice cream needs. While it may cost a few krónur more than that boring soft serve stuff, your tummy will thank you.

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