Tourists on the Street

Tourists on the Street

We stopped to interview some lucky tourists on the street to see why they chose to visit Iceland. The following people graciously complied to dish out the details of their trip.

Names: Mario and Will

Country: Scotland

Why did you want to come to Iceland?

M: To play football.  We are organising football games for an international camp for 2 weeks.

What is your favorite thing about Iceland so far?

W: Playing football at night while it is still light outside.

What is your least favorite thing about Iceland so far?

W: Can’t think of anything!

What is the most exciting thing you have done/seen?

W: We were attacked by birds while looking for Björk Park …which apparently doesn’t exist.

Names: Odile, Yves, Aline and Ludovic

Country: France

Why did you come to Iceland? L:
We came to Iceland for our work. We’re participating in a car-driving event. We really enjoy our work and it’s exciting to travel to Iceland for it.

So, you like it here so far?

A: So far yes, although we only got in last night. It’s very different from France. I wish we were staying longer. We don’t have to much time for sig ht-seeing because we’re working.

Has anything surprised you about Iceland?

O: I’m surprised at how expensive it is. I knew it was expensive before, but I would have thought things would be cheaper after the banks collapsed. It’s not that bad though, it’s a very interesting place.

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