Mosfellsbær Wants "Vulva Museum"

Words by Paul Fontaine
The residents association for suburban capital area town Mosfellsbær, contrary to the wishes of the town council majority, wants to open a "vulva museum" instead of the council's proposed wild animal museum.

In a statement to the press, the Residents' Movement - an association of Mosfellsbær townspeople - says that they are opposed to the town council majority idea of opening a wild animal museum to celebrate the town's 25th anniversary. Rather, the association proposes instead a vulva museum.

The association argues that a vulva museum would have more to offer than a wild animal museum. For one, they say, equality issues have been featuring more prominently in everyday discussion. Such a museum would symbolically contribute to gender equality. Furthermore, the vulva itself has been made the subject of numerous works of art, from plays to sculptures.

The association also questions whether a wild animal museum would even attract enough tourists to justify its existence - Iceland's Penis Museum, however, has become one of the country's trademarks. A vulva museum could very well become the same.

The museum would begin its collection with vulvae from each kind of Iceland's domestic animals, with added contributions included as the years progress. The association adds that it might be fun to have Pussy Riot play at the museum's opening.

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