Street Art Came To Life In This Week’s #GVPics Competition

Street Art Came To Life In This Week’s #GVPics Competition

This week’s Instagram competition photos were so thought provoking, humorous, artistic and beautiful. We have said it before and we’re saying it again: it’s really hard for us to pick out ten pictures as our runners-up and then, of course, a #GVPics winner. Nevertheless, this time we chose an awesome photo of Reykjavík’s street art to win the competition.

Check out the winner and runners-up and remember to keep tagging your pictures with #gvpics for a chance at becoming next week’s champion!

The runners-up:

Glory of the Westfjords. Iceland’s most remote region, with majestic landscapes and extreme roads.

the (windy, cliff side, gravel) road less traveled, happy #weekend folks! #roadtrip #westfjords #iceland ??

A photo posted by Stacey Katz ? NY ?? Iceland ?? ( on

Who told such a good joke that the Icelandic horse, full of ancient wisdom, began to laugh? We really want to hear the joke!

And Leonardo the goat was like: “Hello family of humans! It’s nice of you to visit me but…where the hell are your horns? Do you wanna borrow mine? Is that what you are here for?!”

Deep. This is deep.

#Refugee #Sculpture #Reykjavik #Iceland #gvpics

A photo posted by Brian Erler (@brian_erler) on

Hey guys, look behind you! The volcano is erupting and this freaky robot is destroying the city. How can you sit there so calmly?!

#Wreckavic #reykjavik #iceland #street #photography #erler #gvpics

A photo posted by Brian Erler (@brian_erler) on

Tough choice! Both places are just amazingly beautiful.

Happy looks good on you fire hydrant!

#beinghappy continues #reykjavik #streetart #smile #igers_iceland #gvpics #iceland #euro2016

A photo posted by Hidden Iceland (@hidden_iceland) on

Touché! Iceland definitely isn’t on planet Earth.

As they say: quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.

Áfram Ísland ??

A photo posted by Soffía Mikaelsdóttir (@soffiamikaels) on


And the winner is: @brian_erler!

#Wreckavic #reykjavik #iceland #street #photography #erler #gvpics

A photo posted by Brian Erler (@brian_erler) on

Reykjavík’s street art is diverse and unique. This photo gives you a glimpse of it. But be careful – if you look at the pictures too long, they come to life! Congrats, @brian_erler! There’s a T-shirt and Grapevine goodie bag waiting for you at our office (or coming to you in the mail).

Thanks to all the Instagrammers who participated in this week’s contest! Keep on finding creative ways to capture Iceland’s beauty on your iPhone, and make sure to follow @RVKgrapevine and use the hashtag #GVpics to compete in next week’s competition.

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