PHOTOS: Spectacular Aurora Display Last Night

PHOTOS: Spectacular Aurora Display Last Night

Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir
Photo by
Thales Ciminelli

Last night’s Northern Lights were magical! All of the different colours and forms this natural phenomenon holds were beautifully documented in photographs under the hashtag #northernlights on Instagram. We had a blast going through them and wanted to share our favourites from the stunning evening, which is not to be forgotten.

Check out the gorgeous photographs by these talented Instagrammers who caught the dancing Northern lights of last night!

Dreaming… #iceland #nightsky #scenic #wanderlust #stunning #northernlights #naturelovers

A photo posted by Emma (@ems.adventure) on

#northernlights #iceland #landscape

A photo posted by B. Wavves (@wavves_b) on

Aurora Borealis – the most incredible thing I've ever seen. #aurora #iceland #northernlights #vscocam

A photo posted by Will Dawson (@wgdawsome) on

Nothern Lights in Hellisandur, Iceland. March 2013. #northernlights #iceland #hellisandur

A photo posted by Caoimhín WhiteFingers (@kevin.whitefingers) on

#NorthernLights #Iceland #AuroraBorealis #nofilter

A photo posted by zazy1987 (@zazy1987) on

傳說 看到極光會幸福一輩子 ❤️ 我報的團在下午六時取消了 可是我不死心 網上明明說天氣很好 極光指數有四 所以堅持和新認識的朋友到西邊一個沙灘靜候 在快到沙灘時看見右邊有一條白光 我心想 這是嗎 這是嗎 還是我眼花 突然間 天氣像下一筆綠色的顏料 呀!!我大叫 看 是極光! 一下車 極光已經報滿了三分一個天空 嘩 這太誇張了吧 下了數天雨 昨晚終將放晴 看見極光本人 很美 真的很美 肉眼比照片震撼太多 你也太神秘 要看你純粹是運氣 由於太興奮 把銀包和另一相機都留在沙灘上 慶幸兩小時後它們還在原地 你 為我冰島之旅 添了一個完美的句號。

A photo posted by Dreamer (@redyeeeee) on

This was magical! So lucky w/@michhunter_x @kwhitey27 @laurennicolegil ? #iceland #northernlights

A photo posted by Robyn Emerson (@rooobbbyyynnn) on


A photo posted by Thales Ciminelli (@thalesciminelli) on

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