From Iceland — The Foreign Resort: Rocking the streets of Reykjavík

The Foreign Resort: Rocking the streets of Reykjavík

Published November 3, 2012

The Foreign Resort: Rocking the streets of Reykjavík

The Danes arrived to Reykjavík uncertain if anyone in Iceland had ever heard of them. They changed that with just one day of rocking out.

By Steffan Lykke Møller

They describe their music as The Cure meets Sonic Youth with a pinch of Depeche Mode. Even though the references hold some strong names, the Danish four piece new wave band The Foreign Resort must be categorised as one of the more unknown names at this year’s Iceland Airwaves.

So shortly before their first concert at Bar Amsterdam on Thursday night they went out in Reykjavík in an attempt to change that fact. Lined up with a small amplifier, two guitars and a drum case they walked up the busy shopping road in the heart of the city playing shows in coffee shops and stores they came past. One song each place – and then out again.

“It was so much fun to get out there and do these fast shows,” says the bands drummer Morten Hansen about the experience with the impulsive gigs. “Just throw up your gear, play and then on to the next place. It was like small concerts before the concert and it got us real pumped up.” None of the members of the band had tried this before, but the citizens and shops in Reykjavík are used to it during the week of Iceland Airwaves.

Packed with fliers and free CDs, the band launched a charm offensive towards the music hungering festival guests in an attempt to convince them to choose their show over the many other offers the town have these days.

Shortly before the concert the band could conclude that the work had not been for nothing. The room was starting to fill up. At least they were not going to play for an empty venue. But when they went on stage, they were in for a surprise.

“It was so packed and it was so cool,” tells a happy lead singer and guitarist Mikkel Jakobsen. “Just over 100 people just there for us.” They are certain that their little tour just hours before the concert made all the difference.

And as an extra bonus for the band: among the audience was David Fricke, the senior editor of Rolling Stones magazine. He even came backstage after the show to thank the guys for a great show.

So with just a day of work, a lot of distortion and delay combined with a tight bass and the rhythmic sound of the drums, the four Danes put their name out in Reykjavík.

If you didn’t catch The Foreign Resort’s concert on Thursday, they’ll play again on Saturday at Hressó at 17:00.

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