From Iceland — ANOTHER WONDERFUL FREE MUSIC ALERT!! The Ultra Fancy Crunchy Frog Airwaves 2K12 Compilation!!

ANOTHER WONDERFUL FREE MUSIC ALERT!! The Ultra Fancy Crunchy Frog Airwaves 2K12 Compilation!!

Wow, we are spoiling you airwaves people rotten with the tons of top quality free music we are literally throwing in your faces! Yesterday we gave away the truly aweXsomez FANCY GRAPEVINE AIRWAVES 2K12 COMPILATION,  truly a compilation of monolithic beauty. Personally I’m not sure you deserve such brilliant music.

But hot on the heels of that, we now have EVEN MORE free music for your wafting ears to take in. After our feature on Danish music label Crunchy Frog Records on Wednesday, we received a message from label manager Yebo. In his message, he was offering  all you Grapevine readers a chance to download and listen to a special Crunchy Frog compilation for absolutely nothing. The compilation contains not only tracks from Airwaves attendees, Apparat Organ Quartet, Thee Attacks and Shiny Darkly, but an abundance of gems from the rest of their label roster, such as the psychedelic rock of Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band, the silky electro pop of The Malpractice, and the ultra classic track “Move your Feet” form non other than Junior Senior!

Well… what are you waiting for? Get downloading NOW! You won’t regret it, we swear!

The Grapevine Crunchy Grog Compilation!


Apparat Organ Quartet: 123 Forever

Thee Attacks: Stab

Shiny Darkly: He’s Suicidal

Lars and The Hands of Light: End of Summer

Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band: Black Egg

The Tremolo Beer Gut: Johnnie’s Sykel Intro Theme

PowerSolo: Got No Fear

The Malpractice: Boss Stallion

Oliver North Boy Choir: Sleep

Beta Satan: 666

18th Dye: Soft the Hard Way

First Floor Power: The Jacket

Junior Senior: Move Your Feet

Heavy Trash: Good Man

Thau: Today Is Up

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