From Iceland — The Old DJ’s Guide To Shopping

The Old DJ’s Guide To Shopping

Published October 11, 2012

The Old DJ’s Guide To Shopping

By Pan & Óskar Thorarensen

You know what they say—families that play together, stay together. Combining forty years of musical experience into one down-tempo chill duo are Stereo Hypnosis, a father and son who are both prominent figures in the local electronic scene. Father Óskar grew up as a member of the art collective Inferno 5 and now plays solo as soundscaping master Jafet Melge, while son Pan flounces around as hip hop-style rump-shaker Beatmakin Troopa. The two are also co-founders along with DJ AnDre of the Extreme Chill Festival, which has quickly grown to a fever pitch.

As the pair get ready to play Iceland Airwaves for their nth time each, both together and solo, we asked the local greats to give you the scoop on some of their favourite spots in town that keep them in sound-and-style check.


This shop is one of Iceland’s most unique and chic clothing stores, with loads and loads of nice brands by international, big name designers like Henrik Vibskov, Fred Perry and Acne. If you want to treat yourself to something very nice, buy yourself a garment at Kron Kron.

Lucky Records

By far the best record shop in the country and the only record store with a huge vinyl collection along with CDs and DVDs. This store is very special to us. The owner, Ingvar, is a good friend of ours and knows music very well. If you need to find some rare jazz, rock or electronic music on vinyl, Lucky Records is the place to go to for sure.


One of Iceland’s most brilliant and fun artists and clothing designers, Mundi has his own unique way of doing things and he’s only 25 years old. His ideas are remarkable and you can see it in his clothing lines as well as in his short films and loads of other things he is involved in. He is also an all-around super nice guy. You should check out his work whether it’s his clothes, films or art.

Salvation Army/Red Cross 

It’s always nice to drop by one of these places and catch the nice spirit that comes from used clothing stores. You can go through endless piles of clothes and once in a while you find that one gem you have been looking for. The staff is always nice to have a chat and a cup of coffee with. These places really catch the true spirit of Reykjavík.

Herrafatarverslun Kormáks & Skjaldar

A real old school gentleman’s store, Kormákur & Skjöldur have been around for quite a long time. From 1996 to be precise! They started out selling super nice used clothing from the ‘50s & ‘60s, and now have their own line, which looks amazing. This is one of these well-rooted clothing stores in Reykjavík. They also have a fantastic, old-timey barbershop right in the store. It’s always nice to drop by and imagine that the year is 1965!

Jafet Melge (AKA Óskar Thorarensen) plays at Faktorý upstairs on Wednesday, October 31 at 20:10.

Beatmakin Troopa (AKA Pan Thorarensen) plays at Faktorý upstairs on Wednesday, October 31 at 22:50.

Stereo Hypnosis (AKA Óskar and Pan) plays at Þýski Barinn on Saturday, November 3 at 20:00.

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