Published November 9, 2011



1st Place! Davíð Arnar Baldursson

Hello Grapevine!

I’ve got one Airwaves story for you guys. It is absolutely true, not my imagination.

This happened at last years Iceland Airwaves festival. I was holding hands with a beautiful girl, who I had recently started dating, outside NASA. The rain was pouring down, and we were waiting in line to get inside. But the chaos in the line was so powerful that the girl got pushed ahead of me. I couldn’t get back to her because there was a guy standing in front of me in the line, holding around his guitar bag. To express my frustration, and try to be funny at the same time, I bit the top of his guitar bag. But then suddenly the “guitar bag” turns around, and I realize that this wasn’t his guitar bag – that was his girlfriend! From my (drunken) point of view I saw a guy holding his arms around a guitar bag of some sort, but it actually was his girlfriend wearing a big black cape with a hood! So I had just bit her hood! They just gave me this really weird look and didn’t quite know what the hell they were supposed to say or do. And of course the girl I was dating just stood there completely stunned of my actions. She then got inside Nasa, while I had to stand in line for another 10 minutes, with the guy and his “guitar bag” right next to me. I haven’t seen this couple ever since that evening, but I’d like to take advantage of this opportunity and apologize to them. Stupid things like these can happen at Airwaves, especially after a few beers.

It can be noted for fun that me and the girl in the line (not the guitar bag-girl though) are still dating, and just moved in together. Things are going really well for us, and I want to believe that Iceland Airwaves plays a part in that 🙂

Yours sincerely,


2nd Place! Sunna Ósk Guðmundsdóttir

Well here it comes. Maybe not the most awesome airwaves story but this is an awkward one! It was one the magical Friday nights last year, me just a typical Icelandic have had 2 beers and 7 shots too many! I met this very cute guy and we danced, laughed and had fun over Slagsmålsklubben. Maybe not an appropriate story to tell, but I took this boy home with me. But my mother had recently moved to Reykjavík at this time and was staying at my apartment with my sister. I have a 2 room apartment and my sister was staying in one room and my mother was staying in the master bedroom with me. But when I was on the way home with this very handsome guy I texted my mother and told her to move to the other bedroom because I was bringing a boy home. The first thing she asked me is “does he have a tribal tattoo??” I asked the boy with full conscience “Do you have a tribal tattoo??” The boy answered “no I only have a small tattoo on my shoulder.” and I answer my mother “Noo he does not have a tribal tattoo, but I will take a full body check after few minutes..” The boy was shocked. Who talks like this to their mother????! But here it comes I was on this big fantastic festival called Þjóðhátíð! and I had this very cute guy on my arm, but then the very cute guy took his T-shirt off and he had a tribal tattoo… I ran away quickly! Later that night my mother asked my what happened with that cute guy you were with? I told her that I thought nothing was more disgusting then a tribal tattoo!

But okei back too the airwaves guy, my mother moved to the next bedroom and i checked if he had a tribal tattoo, that he did not have. (I only checked for the tattoo nothing else. )

Like all one-night stands, they end. We said goodbye friendly and that was it.
Saturday-night had arrived!! Robyn, Bombay Bicycle Blub, Mínus, they night couldn’t fail! I started the night at my friend’s place, we talked about last night and laughed about my one-night stand. And I told them what his name was and stuff like that.

Then the night started! Bombay Bicycle Club were amazing, Robyn was magnificent!! and then we went to Sódóma to see Mínus and Benny Crespo´s gang, the girls went to the line but I (not very proud) sneaked my way to the front and got in with my friend. I was alone inside Sódóma for an hour/hour and a half, while the girls were in the line. And in the line they started to talk to these guys. When one told them his name, the girls screamed  “DID YOU SLEEP WITH SUNNA LAST NIGHT?” The poor guy was shocked that 5 very drunk girls were asking him everything that I did the night before, and he kindly says no, I did not. The girls that did not take no for an answer asked him and were trying to take a picture of this poor fellow. When they finally arrived at Sódóma they tell me all about it, that they stood in line and there was a guy who had the exactly same name as the guy the night before and I just yeah, yeah whatever. But then one of my friends brings the guy and says, “Sunna, look he looks the same and has the same name and everything!!” I was so shocked to see the mistake from the night before that I said Hi and I think I also gave him a high five (btw I was little bit too drunk) and then I turned around and walked to the stage and started to slam with Krummi in Mínus. Then I turned to the next guy and made-out with him (at that point I thought it was the only reasonable thing to do!).

Still today I haven’t spoken to this guy (thank god I did not get knocked up) because that could not have been more awkward!

But who knows? Maybe I will meet him next Friday? And the story will repeat it self?

Now I’ve told you all about my love life at Airwaves 2010. That makes me a little bit awesome, and if you let my win I will give you an update for what happens in 2011!!??

3rd Place! Júlía Tómasdóttir

Ok, so my best Airwaves story is kind of embarrassing… I’m the type to wear a white dress and spill ketchup on myself or when I try to look cool and end up embarrassing myself, and this is what happened to me.

Last year the “it” band at Airwaves was Hurts. So I’m walking downtown and I see this guy and he look’s kind of familiar, he’s is wearing this gray suit with his hair slicked back and as I’m walking towards him I was trying to figure out who this guy is and exactly when I’m right in front of him I fall down on my face, immediately I jump up, still trying to hold my cool and he’s staring at me like I’m some kind of a freak. I’m still trying to figure out who he is but I just keep on walking and look back and he’s still looking at me I still can’t figure out who he is. The next day I go on Facebook and see that Iceland Airwaves has posted a picture with the phrase “Hurts rocking it last night” I check the photo and there he is, the guy I fell on my face in front of and even though he probably doesn’t remember me and I don’t even like the band always when I hear a song from them (which was quite often because they were the latest and greatest at the time, according to the radio) I can see myself falling down in front of him.

so that is my best goddamn airwaves story.

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