From Iceland — Track By Track: Le Blossi by BLOSSI

Track By Track: Le Blossi by BLOSSI

Published May 29, 2024

Track By Track: Le Blossi by BLOSSI
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Love, Loss, Mermaids 

Setting his course towards Icelandic pop stardom, BLOSSI is the moniker of socialite and art student Álfgrímur Aðalsteinsson. His debut EP Le Blossi was released on May 1, exhibiting songs of love and loss. The album’s backdrop conjures images of Mediterranean beaches where attraction fills the amorous atmosphere. Have you ever fallen in love with a mermaid? Or been at a crossroads with a potential lover while surrounded by the deafening sounds of sirens? BLOSSI aims to capture those moments, supported by roaring alternative-pop production and poetic lyrics. With KUSK and Óviti serving as producers and co-songwriters, Le Blossi is a boisterous pop gem, perfect before, after, or during a night out on the town.

Le Blossi

“Le Blossi” is the title track of my debut EP because it feels like a good introduction to the tracklist itself and my soundscape as an artist. The song is essentially a love song with the lyrics repeating “ég og þú” (me and you) in the final chorus showing how encapsulating and sometimes isolating love can be with someone or something.

Allt sem ég vil

This was the first song I wrote with my producers and long-time collaborators KUSK and Óviti. We had a lot of fun in the studio writing it, running with the inspiration of falling in love with a mermaid. It’s a song about mystery and magic, and my favourite on the album.


This track came to us the fastest, seemingly writing itself. It’s got a fun beat to it, but the lyrics that came to the song are about two lovers getting lost in and consumed by each other.

We had a lot of fun in the studio writing it, running with the inspiration of falling in love with a mermaid.


This is definitely the poppiest song on the album. It’s about crossing paths with a love interest in the night, but not being able to express to them how you feel, meaning you both continue on your separate ways, and the feeling of loss associated with that. The chorus talks about being surrounded by sirens, describing this feeling of being overwhelmed after this experience by the sounds and sights of the night.


This song is essentially part two of “Sírenur” and serves as the outro to the album. It talks about keeping going amid the loss of the one that got away. It’s a song for dancing and I feel it ties up the album’s story well.

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