From Iceland — Grapevine Music Picks: Árný Margrét, Supersport, Lúpína & More

Grapevine Music Picks: Árný Margrét, Supersport, Lúpína & More

Published September 22, 2023

Grapevine Music Picks: Árný Margrét, Supersport, Lúpína & More
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Well, looks like we managed to get through the week. With most of the Grapevine staff checking out the Extreme Chill Festival, there are a few sore heads in the building. But good music needs to be elevated, analysed, discussed, and that’s exactly what we’re here to do. What characterises today’s list is the abundance of mellow acoustic releases, as demonstrated by artists Hera Lind, Supersport!, and Árný Margrét. Looks like people are shifting into the cosy autumnal gear.

Hera Lind – Someday
Released September 21
Singer-songwriter Hera Lind broke into the music scene with a series of earnest, tender singles and her new one is right on the same track. Featuring more acoustic instruments than plugged-in, like on her past singles, the central core of her guitar and voice doesn’t get lost in the strings and shuffling snares that round it out. The lyrics really prove that the generation of irony is over and simple sincerity is back in style. A great melancholic tune for watching leaves fall off trees. RX

Lúpína – Yfir skýin
Released September 22
Lúpína showed up with a ruckus at the start of the year, releasing her debut album ringluð. The young artist brought that type of artistic Scandi-pop that I really like. Her brilliant use of vocoding effects is an excellent call to Imogen Heap and was one of ringluð’s signature sounds. Here, lúpína presents a soft piano with gradually intensifying drum beats, making for a beautiful composition. Lúpína premieres a music video for the song on September 25, in Bíó Paradís. Mark your dates, people! JB

Supersport! – Húsið mitt (í sjálfu sér)
Released September 22
Indie-darlings Supersport! released the title track of their upcoming acoustic album, out September 29. A soothing conglomerate of acoustic guitars and brilliant vocal harmonies, the fairly straightforward recording helps capture the camaraderie of Supersport!’s members. Performed in a quintessential Icelandic summer house close to Borgarnes, you can definitely feel the essence of a “sumarbústaður” vibe. Following their release, the band ventures out for a 20-day European tour, ending with a release concert in their hometown of Reykjavík. JB

Árny Margrét – dinner alone EP
Released September 22
“Lots of contrasty moments from the last 2 years, everything and nothing,” reads an Instagram post of Árny Margrét about her latest EP, dinner alone and there’s no better way to describe it. The queen of melancholy has done it again, offering a blend of nostalgia, reflections on a traumatic past, and hopes for the future. In addition to her signature fingerpicked style guitar playing, Árny plays the piano on this release for the first time ever. IZ

Íkorni – Santa Monica de la Breetus
Released September 22
It’s quite appropriate that right after the 21st night of September (do you remember?) we should get some very funky new grooves. The brand new album by long-time under-the-radar flyer Íkorni is a thick meaty meal of super funky, synthy, jazzy grooves. Kicking off with a hauntingly smooth opener with ghostly vocals reminiscent of Ellý Viljhálms, the album blossoms into big cinematic swells of beat-driven tracks. Somehow seamlessly blending various retro sounds into very contemporary and cohesive bangers, this is really one to sink your teeth into. RX

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