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Published September 8, 2023

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The world of music is a dynamic landscape, constantly shifting and evolving, much like the metal band Changer (no pun intended). In this Filthy interview, I talked to Kristján – Changer’s drummer and frontman – to revisit some highlights of the band’s 25-year career.

The times, they are a-changin’

Founded by Kristján in 1999, Changer has undergone many lineup transformations over the years. With Kristján currently on drums, Óskar on guitar, Hudson on lead guitar, Maddi on bass and Hlynur lending vocals, these band members seem here to stay. But is Kristján responsible for all the changes? “I don’t know, I’m just a drummer,” he comments. “But this has definitely enriched all of us as musicians and individuals.”

I don’t know, I’m just a drummer.

Ironically and unintentionally, the band’s strong suit is to consistently change their trajectory, not only in matters of members, but also of music style. “We change genres, we change members, but the name has nothing deep behind it. Or maybe it’s really a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Through the years, the band transitioned from thrash and hardcore to death metal, following a transformative period of allegedly drunken drama. The band’s sound, much like its members, evolved organically, driven by the desire to push boundaries and explore what each new member could contribute to Changer’s musical style. In 2020, Changer’s current lineup emerged as the strongest iteration to date, according to Kristján. “With no disrespect to the past members,” he adds.

Long live Eistnaflug

One iconic event that has remained constant in Changer’s journey is the Eistnaflug festival. From playing the inaugural edition in 2005 to becoming a consistent presence, Eistnaflug’s unique location (a very hard-to-reach village in the fjords of East Iceland) and community make it one of the pillars of Iceland’s metal scene. “We accidentally headlined that first Eistnaflug. Our singer had missed his plane and arrived after Sólstafir – the true headliner – played. So, we played after them. He ran up to the stage as we started the first song. It was a great gig,” Kristján recalls.

We accidentally headlined that first Eistnaflug.

Changer is now working on two releases. “You will be hearing from us soon,” Kristján teases. “Hopefully by the end of this year.”

Although Eistnaflug did not happen in 2023, the organisers are busy planning other events. Their next production takes place on September 16, featuring headliners Contradiction from Germany, along with Krownest and Changer. The latter will also make an appearance at Reykjavík Deathfest, happening September 29-30. Both events are going to be held in the legendary venue and bar Gaukurinn. So, see you there or see you in Hell.

Follow Changer’s adventures on their Instagram page, @changer.metal.




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