From Iceland — Take a Godchilla Pill 

Take a Godchilla Pill 

Published August 30, 2023

Take a Godchilla Pill 
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Mysticism, Hypno Wizardry and Forthcoming Release

After our chats with Dauðyflin and Graveslime in the last two issues, we come full circle and talk to Godchilla. The three bands will share a lineup at KEX Hostel on August 31 on the occasion of Graveslime’s long-awaited album release concert. Godchilla guitarist Hjalti joined us for this hazy conversation on the band’s journey.

The Legend Begins

Godchilla is Hjalti on guitar, Biggi on bass and vocals, and Hössi on drums. The band was quite active immediately after its formation in 2011 – it also had a different drummer –  but things soon slowed down. It wasn’t until late 2013, when Hössi joined the band, that they picked up the pace.

It was right at the beginning of 2014 that their first album, Cosmatos, was released. “We were hyped, the music was different from the later album, Hypnopolis. We wanted to write some surf songs for some reason. Maybe because at that time surf covers of black metal songs were going around on the internet.” Recent years have slowed down once again, but the band manages to surprise everyone with a last-minute show every now and then.

Some years ago, we were in the car listening to Graveslime, when Steinar Ingi said “We should make a band that sounds like this.”  

It’s Alive!

Hjalti and Biggi both hail from the countryside, not far from Flúðir – it’s a background the guitarist believes influences their music. “In the music we write, we try to fetch and grasp the sense of something mystic that you cannot express in other ways.”

 Even though science helps us understand the world, some things are just tough to put into words. The captivating and hypnotic element in their music is connected to this way of thinking.  ”There is something about… repetition, loudness and heaviness that exaggerates it. It’s quite simple and chaotic.”

Godchilla is brewing up something new. Unlike their previous rapid-fire releases, this new album has been marinating for a while. But they’re planning on releasing a single very soon, accompanied by a trippy music video. 

Photo by Art Bicnick

This forthcoming album might take a turn in a new direction, putting the doomy atmosphere in the backseat to elevate a more rock and roll vibe. “I like aliens,” Hjalti states, perhaps hinting at what’s to come. 

Mightiest melodrama of them all

In our Filthy talk, Alli from Graveslime confessed to being a big fan of Godchilla and Hjalti shared that the feeling is very much mutual. He recalls that in high school everyone was sharing .mp3 files of Graveslime’s Roughness And Toughness. 

When Godchilla saw them perform at Norðanpaunk this year, it was a blast from the past. “Some years ago, we were in the car listening to Graveslime, when Steinar Ingi, Godchilla’s first drummer, said: “We should make a band that sounds like this.” 

Be sure not to miss Godchilla’s performance on August 31st at KEX Hostel. Tickets are available here. Check out their hilarious website and follow them on Instagram at @godchilladoom.

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