From Iceland — About Last Night: Inspector Spacetime

About Last Night: Inspector Spacetime

Published July 4, 2023

About Last Night: Inspector Spacetime
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Soundchecks and sweat

10:30: We wake up and there’s still no word on the soundcheck, which is odd. We are playing two gigs today, one in the afternoon at the June 17 celebration in Hljómskálagarður and the other at midnight at Prikið. We then finish off the night with a DJ set till 04:30. This is a more grueling schedule than usual. We always want a soundcheck before a gig because you never know what might go wrong, and we tend to put on a better show if we’re having fun and we have more fun if we can hear ourselves well on stage. 

12:00: Still no word on soundcheck so we make our way downtown to see the sound guys. Good thing we did! We get to squeeze in a few minute soundcheck before the official program starts. We had to stop soon because a parade of thousands of people suddenly appeared from nowhere. 

15:15: We play the gig at Hljómskálagarðurinn, generate some smiles and even manage to get a good chunk of people jumping. Now we go extremely sweaty into the rest of the day. After the show we get some food and wait for our next soundcheck.

18:00: Being very tired after the previous show we sort of half-ass the soundcheck and hurry home to take a nap and recharge for the next one.

00:00: Prikið is crammed with people and we have a blast in spite of a few sound system issues. People were dancing and singing along. After a very fun show we’re even sweatier than before and begin our final phase of the night – the DJ set. 

04:30: A long shift is over and we head home full of joy.

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