From Iceland — Grapevine New Music Picks: Kvikindi, BSÍ and Sk-Ar

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Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia

Friends, we have made it. It’s officially the last Friday of the month — a third of the year of our lord 2022 is done. Whether you’re hitting the town in your glad rags to celebrate, or quickly disappearing under the duvet until Monday morning rolls around, The Grapevine’s music elves have got you covered with a selection of the newest Icelandic music fit for every mood.

All these tracks—and so many more brought to you by The Grapevine over the past twelve months—are available in our New Music Picks 2021-22 playlist.

​​Kvikindi – “Enginn kann að lifa”

This is the third single from electro-pop duo Kvikindi, in as many years. “Enginn kann að lifa” has all the trappings of a summer hit, with synthy syncopated beats, other-worldly double-tracked vocals and an obligatory sexy 80’s-inspired keyboard solo. What sets it apart is the breakdown in the last minute of the track, providing genuine surprise and intrigue. It’s a single that leaves you wanting more, which leads us to ask… when’s the album, Kvikindi? Don’t leave us hanging! JG

BSÍ – “Jelly Belly”

New jam from BSÍ is out! As the band’s Instagram says, “Jelly Belly invites you to a heartening group therapy session where past pains and traumas meet a 157 bpm outburst of playfulness, agitation and infectious joy.” Catchy lyrics, playful vibes, and don’t get me started on how cool the music video is. I’m adding it to my summer playlist, are you? IZ

Sk-Ar – ‘Við sjóinn’

And now for a complete change of pace from Sk-Ar. Maybe your Friday nights used to revolve around going out and partying, but these days you’d rather kick back at home with a glass of something comforting and a playlist designed to decompress. Listen, we won’t judge; we’re all getting older, right? Anyway, you’re in luck, because Sk-Ar, aka musician Skúli Arason, has created an album full of beautiful, peaceful sounds for you. Mixing field recordings of fire, rivers and the sea, with analogue synth and acoustic instrumentation, ‘Við sjóinn’ is an oasis of calm for your poor, overstimulated brain. Tune in and peace out, my friends. JG

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